“Writing and directing, today” – the 18th edition of the Festival of contemporary works. Collaboration between Lokomotiva and Panta Theater from Caen, Lower Normandy

Panta Theatre for 17 years is doing artistic bilateral cooperation with various countries of Europe, and enables creative exchange and cooperation between playwrights, theatre directors and actors. This year, the 18th edition of the bilateral cooperation is dedicated to the Macedonian contemporary dramaturgy.

The goal of the collaboration with Macedonia is the promotion, creative research and work on three contemporary Macedonian and one French drama, which will be presented in front of French and Macedonian audience. The project enables exploration of contemporary dramas and creation of new ways of their interpretation facing the audience and authors from different countries.

Our recognised playwrights Dejan Dukovski, Srdjan Janikijevikj and Gorjan Miloshevski and theatre directors Nela Vitoshevikj and Martin Kochovski are the Macedonian participants in the project “Writing and directing today” – 18th edition of the Festival of contemporary. The French participants in the project are the theatre director Guy Delamotte and the playwright and Sabine Revillet.

This project will be implemented in two phases, the first in Lower Normandy and the second in Macedonia

The first phase will be implemented in three successive residencies / work sequences:

  1. April, 29 to May, 7 – work on the drama “Uterus” by Dejan Dukovski; cooperation between Dejan Dukovski, the French theatre director Guy Delamotte and five French actors from the Panta Theatre
  2. May, 10 to 18 – work on the drama “Scheherazade” by Srdjan Janikijevikj; cooperation between Srdjan Janikijevikj, theatre director Nela Vitoshevikj and five French actors from the Panta Theatre
  1. May, 21 to 29 – work on the drama ” The Man Who Couldn’t Say NO!” by Gorjan Miloshevski; cooperation between Gorjan Miloshevski, theatre director Martin Kochovski and five French actors from the Panta Theatre

A presentation of the three Macedonian dramas played by the French artists will be presented on the 30 of May in the Panta Theatre.

The second phase of the project will be realized in Skopje in September 2015 in cooperation with the Macedonian National Theatre. The French director Guy Delamotte together with the French playwright Sabine Revillet and five Macedonian actors in the process of 10 days will work on the drama “Pardon” by Sabine Revillet in the Macedonian National Theatre. After finalisation of the working process, “Pardon” will be presented in front of the Macedonian audience at the stage of the Macedonian National Theatre.

This type of collaborations and residency enables direct artistic exchange among playwrights and theatre directors from Macedonia and France. It enables exchange of experience in the working processes for development and staging a drama, as well as cooperation between cultural institutions from both territories.
Here we have an open, creative working process, which give space for experiment and testing new forms in the adaptation of a drama and its presentation on the stage with five actors. Moreover, the project enables wider promotion of the contemporary Macedonian dramaturgy in France and vice-versa, since the Macedonian dramas will be translated on French language and the French drama will be translated on Macedonian language.