“WHAT IS (today) CHOREOGRAPHY?”- curatorial research project for development of choreographic concepts and processes of creation in Kino Kultura


Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Art and Culture – Skopje, within the framework of the project “What is choreography?”, in the period 03.09- 09.09.2018 completed the first phase of the artistic residency of the authors/ choreographers Viktorija Ilioska and Valentino Apostolovski with the dramaturge Ivana Ivkovic, Croatia, in Kino Kultura – project space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture.

Viktorija Ilioska

The project “WHAT IS (today) CHOREOGRAPHY?” – development of choreographic concepts and processes of creation is a curatorial research project involving three Macedonian authors/ choreographers (Viktoriјa Ilioska, Valentino Apostolovski and Aleksandar Georgiev), and one curator (Biljana Tanurovska Kulavkovski), as well as other external collaborators, such as theorists, playwrights, directors, etc.

Aleksandar Georgiev and Dario Barrteto Damas

The idea of this curatorial research project is to go beyond the traditional production of performing arts- dance and performance, and to support a creation process that will include development components (in the form of curatorial tasks) that will provide choreographic concepts to have wider visibility, application, as well as artistic and social significance.

The project “WHAT IS (today) CHOREOGRAPHY?” is composed of several stages: an artistic residency / choreographic concept of research; public discussion / lecture through which the authors will have the opportunity to develop their concepts and themes in and with the public; artistic work – presentation of a choreographic concept without limitation in the medium of performance; developing a feedback session – developing analytical critical practice; description of the methodology.

Premiere performances or public appearances are expected in October of Viktorija Ilioska and November of Alexander Georgiev and Valentino Apostolovski in Kino Kultura.

The project “WHAT IS (today) CHOREOGRAPHY?” is organized by Lokomtovia- Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture, Biljana Tanurovska Kulavkovski – curator, Elena Risteska – assistant curator and Violeta Kachakova- project manager.

The project “WHAT IS (today) CHOREOGRAPHY?” is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

Valentino Apostolovski