“Save the dance” campaign/performance/

Save the dance’ campaign Performance deals with the current position contemporary dance has in the field of arts. We are questioning it from different perspectives as also we share different professional backgrounds. From the historical perspective one could claim that contemporary dance has survived many changes and it evolved to the point where it is almost only a mental activity and even completely conceptual.

But yet today we can encounter almost every form or technique of contemporary dance that ever existed. Mythologically dance was created to glorify the gods. And yet, today is one of the rarest activities where humans remain primitive and profane. From the social perspective, contemporary dance is one of the forms of social interactions, where individuals can keep their individuality while interacting in the group. Nevertheless, the only way we can truly grab the meaning of the dance is to succumb it.

Authors and performers: Sabrina Zeleznik and Kliment Poposki.

Sabrina Zeleznik is born in Celje, Slovenija in 1988. Started dancing at the age of 6 in Plesni forum Celje and was its member until 2012. Besides many achievements in the field of contemporary dance, such as awards in the national events and international festivals I was also busy with the theatre. Acting, directing and creating movement in several experimental and traditional performances shaped me as a performer and as an individual. After finishing bachelor degree in Cultural studies at University Ljubljana, Slovenia, I started actively dealing with dance and performance also academically. In 2013 I joined Compania Insomnia runed by choreographer Gisela Fantacuzzi, with whom I collaborate in several projects (see Projects). In the past 4 years I have been performing, giving classes and developing my own work. I recently graduated at Master of Theatre Practices at ArtEZ Institutes of Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands, where I have discovered my tendency for post dramatic creations. I mostly based in Skopje, Macedonia, where I am a member of organization Lokomotiva and an active contributor to local cultural scene.  http://sabrinazeleznik.weebly.com

Kliment Poposki, Macedonian-born and raised Kliment migrated to Australia with his family in 1990. After training at The National Theatre Drama School he found a new world opened to him. Kliment has worked in stage productions and performer in independent theatre productions in Australia. In 2008, Kliment returned to Macedonia to tour his one-man show The Pilgrim. The piece reflected his cross-cultural experience and dealt with issues of migration. Whilst abroad he has worked in Lokomotiva- Center for New initiatives in Art and Culture, in Macedonia. He is a graduate of Nomad Dance Academy 2010. Kliment has returned to Macedonia where he continues to work in the arts as a freelance artist and is an active member of Lokomotiva and Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia .For further info visit:http://kliment7.wixsite.com/klimentpoposki

Performance is supported in frame of the project Kino Kultura- Space for contemporary performing arts and culture, supported by Municipality of Centre and co-produced in frame of by Life Long Burning Project through Lokomotiva as representative of Nomad Dance Academy and Dissonant (Co)Spaces project supported by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund (BAC)