Residency of Viktorija Ilioska, Kliment Poposki and Tanja Ribarska for development of the performance “The cause of a disease”

The collaboration between Lokomotiva, Skopje and the international artistic network APAP in the frame of the Advancing Performing Arts Project enabled support of six international residencies of Macedonian authors to work on development of new contemporary dance productions.

The Cause of disease by the authors Viktorija Ilioska, Kliment Poposki and Tanja Ribarska is supported in the frame of this collaboration with three production residencies.

First residency was performed in September 2014 in Tanzfabrik Studio in Uferstudios in Berlin, Germany.
In 2015 The Cause of disease will have its production residencies in:

  • Zagreb, Croatia at the Zagreb Student Centre in the period 08 – 19 March
  • Kortrijk, Belgium at the Arts Centre BUDA Kortrijk in the period23 Mach – 04 April

In the frame of the mentioned residencies the artists will have opportunity to develop their work in collaboration with well-known dramaturges from the Region and Europe. At the end of both 2015 residencies in Zagreb and Kortrijk, the artists will present their work in front of the professional and broader audience.
The Cause of disease – is a piece created from the living in the everyday context of implementation of new laws and regulations. We are facing with new constrains, on which we cannot influence. Is freedom only accessible in our minds since the public spaces are clearly defined and priced? Provoked by “prohibited”, aiming to explore the effect of the restrictions, we are looking for alternative solutions that can transform the restrictions into more inclusive practices. Our work extracts three aspects: restriction of body/ body-movement, restriction of voice/speaking and restriction of the new technologies.
Finally, because the cause of diseases, maybe we should take permanent residence in our thoughts…only there the freedom seams possible.

Viktorija Ilioska is young Macedonian dancer/choreographer with a bachelor degree in ballet pedagogy, contemporary dance department at Faculty of Music in Skopje. Since 2006 she is an active member of Lokomotiva`s programme for support and development of the contemporary dance. During this engagement she has been actively involved and participated in workshops with international choreographers organized on local level, also she participated in international workshops and programmes for contemporary dance. In 2010 a major twist happened in her professional development by becoming part of the Nomad Dance Academy, which experience afterwards led her to the strong decision for choosing contemporary dance as a lifetime profession. The Nomad Dance Academy gave her the chance to make her first production “I am always watching you” in collaboration with the Slovenian dramaturge Rok Vevar. This production was presented at the festival Pleskavica in Slovenia 2010, New Dance Alliance in New York, USA 2011, Locomotion Skopje and AKTO Bitola, Macedonia. After graduation she has been chosen for Dance Web Scholarship Program in Vienna, Austria under the mentorship of Chris Haring and David Wampach. Her interest and focus is the development of contemporary dance in the region through workshops, collaborations and productions.

Kliment Poposki finished three years of intensive training at The National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne, Australia. In 2008, he returned to Macedonia to tour his solo performance “The Pilgrim”. This piece reflects his cross-cultural experience and deals with issues of migration. He graduated at Nomad Dance Academy Education Programme in 2010. After training in Meisner approach with Ward Studio Company and performing two shows in Philadelphia USA in 2011, and Melbourne 2012, Kliment has returned to Macedonia, where he continues to work in a field of culture as a freelancer and he is become an active member of Lokomotiva-Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture, and one of the co-founders of NOMAD Dance Academy Macedonia.

Tanja Ribarska is young Macedonian audio-visual artist. She graduated at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, at the department for Film and TV editing, mentored by Professor Dimitar Grbevski. She has eight years experience as a film and TV editor, working in several video productions in Macedonia. She is main editor of the short movie “Actor” directed by Igor Aleksov, awarded in 2011 for best short international movie at the festival “HollyShorts” in Hollywood, USA. Since 2007 she collaborates with independent artist from Macedonia, working in the field of visual arts, making music, sound design, as well as on short documentary video forms and music videos.  Currently, she is working on her master thesis for sound design at the University for Audio-visual Arts “ESRA” in Skopje and on two independent projects in the field of the performance.

Residency in Zagreb and Kortrijk are supported by: Kultura promjene Studentskog centra Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Arts Centre BUDA Kortrijk, APAP and EU Culture Programme (Education and Culture DG).