Residency of Iskra Shukarova for development of the performance “Techniques of Movement manipulation”

The collaboration between Lokomotiva, Skopje and the international artistic network APAP in the frame of the Advancing Performing Arts Project enabled support of six international residencies of Macedonian authors to work on development of new contemporary dance productions. (

TECHNIQUES OF MOVEMENT MANIPULATION by Iskra Sukarova is supported with residency in Berlin 22.04-30.04.2015 at Tanzfabrik Studio in Uferstudios
Her work TECHNIQUES OF MOVEMENT MANIPULATION as work in process has been presented on LocoMotion 2014.  In her work, performative aspects are directed towards manipulation as basic tool for movement creation as primary kinaesthetic operative movement vocabulary in the performance.
Iskra Sukarova, in collaboration with Viktorija Ilijoska as performer and Elena Risteska as technical assistance, in frame of this collaboration will realize production residency in Berlin at Tanzfabrik in Uferstudios.
At the end of the residency, Sukarova will have the public presentation of the working process.
Residency in Berlin is supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin, APAP  and EU Culture Programme (Education and Culture DG).