Residency of Dragana Zarevska and Aleksandar Georgiev for development of the performance “Madness runs in the family”

In the frame of the collaboration with APAP, following authors and works have been supported:

MADNES Dragana Zarevska and Aleksandar Georgiev received production residencies in Zagreb Student Centre Zagreb trough Lokomotiva’s (Skopje) partnership with the APAP network
Residency in Zagreb is from 19-27 February 2015 followed by Public presentation on the 27th of February at 7pm.

Dragana Zarevska and Aleksandar Georgiev will work on the production of their collaborative work Madness runs in the family.
Madness runs in the family is a platform for initiating family collaborations in the field of performance established by Aleksandar Georgiev and Dragana Zarevska, inspired by Georgiev’s separate collaborative performances with his mother and father started in 2013 and 2014.In the way that madness or beauty can run in a family, it is very possible the drive for performing to run in a family too, but only one or two members to be interested in it. The others might not understand it, find performing arts boring, too intellectual, distant, sterile, dead, too easy to be a real job, beautiful but senseless, very difficult to be rendered physically, etc. Therefore, Zarevska and Georgiev propose a simple device that mediates the lack of communication between the performer and the rest of the family on the topic “performance is great” – they suggest every performer to collaborate with members of their family. Shaw once stated that if one cannot get rid of family skeleton, then she/she could at least make it dance.

Aleksandar Georgiev (1985, MK/SE) is a choreographer and performer. He had his BA education in Dance theater Department at the New Bulgarian University (2004-2008) and attended couple of non-formal educational programs such as NOMAD Dance Academy, 50 Days fly low and passing through with David Zabrano, Spazio, DanceWeb, etc. During 2014 he graduated from the MA program in Choreography at DOCH, Stockholm. Since 2008 he works actively on exploring intensities, since 2014 his main focus of work are family constellations.
Dragana Zarevska (1985/ MK) is a visual artist. She holds BA in Film Directing(NBU, Sofia/BG) and MSc in Media studies at the Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Worked as artist-in-residence at SITE – Production Centre for Performing Arts (Stockholm), Trafó (Budapest), AIR  Krems (Krems an der Donau), and participated in projects realized at Ausland (Berlin), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (Paris), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Dansens Hus (Stockholm), Norrlands Operan (Umeå) among others.Since 2011, together with Jasna Dimitrovska works as an artistic duo under the pseudonym Ephemerki. She composes and performes music under the pseudonym Telemama.
Residency in Zagreb is supported by: Kultura promjene Studentskog centra Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, APAP and EU Culture Programme (Education and Culture DG)