Project partners Internal Workshop Skopje (25/28 January 2017)

In the period between 25 and 28 January 2017 the planed Internal partners workshop was organised in Skopje. The workshop was organised by Lokomotiva – Skopje and was done with participation of the representatives of the main project partners: Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski and Violeta Kachakova (Lokomotiva – Skopje), Natahsa Bodrozic (Slobodne Veze – Zagreb) and Irina Ljubic (Fondacija Jelena Santic – Belgrade). During the workshop the project partner evaluated the project activities realised in 2016, made final consolidation on the first drafts of the case studies (Kino Kultura – Skopje, Pioneer city – Belgrade and Motel Trogir – Torgir), developed programme draft and list of participants for the upcoming workshop in Belgrade (April, 2017) dedicated to the model development of Kino Kultura – Skopje, Pioneer city – Belgrade and Motel Trogir – Trogir and confirmed the periods for realization of the following project activities in 2017.