program activities 2019


Lecture by Jelena Vesic (Srbia), titled: “Administration of aesthetics or on underground currents of negotiating artistic jobs; between love and money, between money and love …”. After lecture talk with Jelena Vesić and guests participants Ivana Vaseva, Nebojsa Vilić, Vladimir Jancevski and Slobodanka Stevceska.



Performance “Rhymes of Pleasure”, followed by discussion between Nefeli Oikonomou and SEERma- Ivana Harikli

Choreography/concept: Nefeli Oikonomou

Performers: Aleksandar Georgiev, Sebastian Lingserius and Nefeli Oikonomou (initial cast: Mira Mutka)

Text: Aleksandar Georgiev, Mira Mutka and Nefeli Oikonomou

Light design: Nefeli Oikonomou

Light consultancy: Sebastian Lingserius

Music & sound landscape: self recorded material from the performers

Film documentation: Aleksandra Sende

Technical support: Fredrik Wåhlstedt

Co-production: Weld

With the support of: Stockholm Stad, Kulturrådet (turnébidrag), Konstnärsnämnden (international exchange) and Weld.



Performance: “It could be something very minimal”

Choreographed and performed by Viktorija Ilioska, Max Smirzitz and Patrick Faurot

“It could be something very minimal” is the long-term performative research collaboration between Viktorija Ilioska, Max Smirzitz and Patrick Faurot dealing with affective permutations and modulations of bodies and space.

The performance is presented in Kino Kultura- project space for contemporary performing arts and culture in frame of program “Art Politics Institution Body”, organized by Lokomotiva- Centre for New initiatives in Arts and culture in collaboration with Skopje Pride Weekend 2019 | Glittering Wounds


17.09.2019- 22.09.2019

Residency of Mike van Graan (dramaturg, cultural activists, cultural policy expert) from South Africa, organized in Kino Kultura, 17-22 September. During the residency, in collaboration with 44. International Youth Open Theatre festival Mike van Graan gave lecture on the subject “Theatre and the post-apartheid/post-colonial condition: the role of theatre in social transformation – a South African experience” followed by discussion with representatives of the Macedonian theatre scene.



Performance “Made for Happiness” by Iva Svestarova and Willie Prager

Dramaturge: Ivana Ivković (Croatia)

“Made for Happiness” is a comment on the relation to happiness stimulated by contemporary culture.

The performance is a winner of the IKAR – National Theater Award 2019 in the Contemporary Dance and Performance category.

Produced by Brain Store Project and DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance.



Lecture by Michel Pavlovski on “Political Theater”

Followed by public discussion with Loreta Georgievska-Jakovleva, Sofia Kunovska, Maja Stevanovic and Filip Jovanovski. Moderator Biljana Tanurovska – Kulavkovski.

The usual definition of the term political theater is that it is “a term that denotes a theater used for political purposes, usually as part of a campaign or movement, sometimes as part of the work of a political party. In the broadest sense, the term can have a wide range of applications, from community theater to awareness raising by specific identity groups, such as women’s rights movements, African Americans or the LGBT community.