Lokomotiva reshaped its program directions in 2017, as well as the main and specific goals for the period of 2017-2020.

Past program lines below.


In the frame of program units of Lokomotiva there have been implemented numerous cultural and artistic projects and activities: performances, contemporary-dance productions, lectures, debates, presentations, conferences, educational and developmental projects and researches, researches in the field of cultural policy, artistic residences, exhibitions, publications etc.

What connects all programs is the critical reflection and redefinition of the productions models, educational and institutional practices and social discourses, models of collaborations and partnership.

This approach supports development, advocates for the needs conditioned by the social changes and contributes to democratization of public socio- cultural space.

In its program’s units Lokomotitva develops interdisciplinary approach and includes activities that support professional development and lifelong learning through education, creativity and production, artistic exchange, diffusion, research, residencies, lectures, public debates and networking, and the same one is represented and highlighted with special purpose within a specific program activity.

Target groups of Lokomotiva are artists, cultural workers in the NGO sector, informal artistic associations, artivistic and activist groups, marginalized and sub-cultural groups, cultural policy creators in nationals and local institutions.

Program units of Lokomotiva 2017-2020:



This program is oriented towards establishment of conditions for work and creation of professionals in the field of contemporary art and culture. Considering the fact that the conditions of working, research, creation and presentation of contemporary art in the institutional sector in Macedonia are unsatisfactorily, or limited to a certain number of authors, we believe that we need to reflect, think on and create the needed conditions.

Production on working conditions as program continuously reflect on the new modes of stimulation and support of those conditions, which would enable artists and cultural workers to think, experiment, work and create new works in diverse media. This program implies advocacy or even political instrument that would make evident and recommend (if it can’t enable the needed conditions, since we work in economically restricted context or context of political clientelism) how we should work, govern, produce, reflect in the field of contemporary art and culture. Or what do we need in order to create a working context for contemporary art and culture.

This program in 2017 works through the activities in the projects: Dissonant (Co)spaces, Nomad Dance Academy Summer Ohrid and Life Long Burning (Critical Practice_ Made in YU, Dance Works, Wild Card, Teachback), Nomad Dance Institute, project Kino Kultura – space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture.


::: PLATFORM(a) for development of contemporary performing arts

Platform(a) is a program of Lokomotiva that can be considered as mechanism with intention through different tactical action to preserve the space for (presenting and thinking) contemporary performing arts, which in Macedonia is slowly disappearing. Thereby the aim of this program is to address policies, and to display and discus contemporary performing arts- artistic references, concepts, models of presentation, curatorial models, theoretical and philosophical ideas.

The program includes contemporary dance, performances from the field of visual arts, contemporary theatre and different expressions and experiments in contemporary performing arts field.

The program is co-curated between Lokomotiva and partner organizations and individuals.



This program Lokomotiva developed in order to share resources with partner organizations from the wider civil society and to impact on public policy though themes that concerns social and cultural development.

Lokomotiva, together with Theatre Navigator Cvetko develops the space- project Kino Kultura, dedicated to the development and visibility of contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture. The Open Space program line of Kino Kultura is dedicated to collaboration though co – programming and partnership with the wider civil sector.

For this purpose, Lokomotiva invited several partner organizations and individuals with who began to develop plan of collaboration with the civil sector, to rethink how to share the resources, and to give wider impact and visibility of the civil society activities. In this way, the program will invest in the association, in the division of financial resources, in the creation of conditions of collectives- communities- partnerships who will collaborate and through intersectoral approach will open questions of concerns to citizens.

This program is developed in collaboration with the working group Open Space, and aims to cover collaborations with other partner organizations and networks. Check for more information on the web site of Kino Kultura.




This program line strives to work on increasing visibility of the role and importance of the contemporary culture in the social development by offering co-habiting tactical solutions, as well as creating tools and models for production of public goods and commons.

The program is committed to the development of new models of collaboration with the public- with specific target groups from the community, as well as with the professionals, which directly or indirectly influence on the building new approaches of management with art and culture. The program strives to democratize cultural space, to enable citizens’ access to artistic and cultural events and to build models that enable participation and involvement of the professional community and the citizens.

This program in 2017 works through the activities in the projects: Dissonant Co-spaces (International conference-New model od Dissonant Co-spaces and publication-Production of public in New spaces), Kultrening-workshops for movement and contemporary dance for the community, Museum of dance-interactive installation for children.



  1. REFLECTIONS – programme for research and development of cultural policies and advocacy for the communities’ needs (Decentralized cooperation project between the Region Lover Normandy (France) and the Republic of Macedonia; Nomad Dance Academy Network for advocacy in the field of contemporary performing arts; How to do things with circustances? – Conference on Performing Arts, Mobility, Drain and Border Crossing of the Scene in former Yugoslavian countries; JADRO – Association of the independent cultural scene in Macedonia; KOOPERATIVA – Regional Platform for Culture; Publications
  2. PLATFORM FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (ARTS AND CULTURE) – programme for lifelong learning and development of professional capacities in the field of art, designed for artists, art critics, sociologists and cultural workers coming from the independent cultural sector; NOMAD Dance Academy / EU project Jardin d’Europe; LocoMotion – Festival for contemporary dance and performance; NOMAD Dance Academy/ EU project Life Long Burning: Steep Africa! – international dance camp for students; Production of dance performance in the frame of the project for improving the Institutional Response to Domestic Violence: “When there’s will, there is a way”; APAP – Advancing Performing Arts Project (EU project); PLATFORM(a) for contemporary performing arts; Development of the contemporary dance through different project and activities;  Visual and media Arts;
  3. KINO KULTURA – Project Space for Contemporary Performing Arts and Contemporary Culture