PLATFORM(a)_ for contemporary performing arts

PLATFORM(a) _for contemporary performing arts @Kino Kultura

PLATFORM(a) is a new program of Lokomotiva, part of the Kino Kultura space for contemporary arts and contemporary culture,  and a new step forward in our efforts to enhance development in the contemporary performing arts context in Macedonia.

Lokomotiva has been organizing the Locomotion Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance for the past eight years; this year however, we decided to stop the festival since we had been facing various obstacles in the past period. Such are, among many others, the financial difficulties as well as the sub- standard working conditions, which seriously impede our ability to plan and to program strategically, instead forcing us to act more tactically and react fast.

Therefore, we came to the decision to extend the event of festival into an ongoing program, a Platform(a) for contemporary performing arts that would allow us tactical planning and action, and also presentation –when possible– of different activities in the field of contemporary performing arts, realized in the period of at least a year.

PLATFORM(a) as a program can be seen as a mechanism that aims at preserving, through different tactical actions, the space for contemporary performing arts and culture that is disappearing in Macedonia, addressing the experience of events and the politics of presentation and discussing contemporary performing arts references, concepts, presentation modes, curatorial models, theoretical and philosophical ideas behind it.