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We believe that in order to develop the discourse about disability arts it is important to enable disabled artists themselves to reflect and talk about their own work and actively participate with their equally important competences in the further development of inclusion in arts and culture.
The presentation will be a sort of exchange with the audience that will happen through conversation and installation, which will be activated through stories, objects, memories, photos, thoughts, videos, poems…

Per.Art is an independent organization active in the field of contemporary performing arts in Serbia. Since 1999, the „Art and Inclusion“ program of Per.Art organization gathers people with learning disabilities, artists, special educators, culture professionals, architects and students.
The main aims of the „Art and Inclusion“ program are the production of artistic projects in which people with learning disabilities have active role as authors, co-authors and performers, and the promotion of their work on an equal basis within the local and international contemporary performing arts scene.