“Save the dance” campaign/performance/

Save the dance’ campaign Performance deals with the current position contemporary dance has in the field of arts. We are questioning it from different perspectives as also we share different professional backgrounds. From the historical perspective one could claim that contemporary dance has survived many changes and it evolved to the point where it is almost only a mental activity and even completely conceptual. Read More

Empty Voice/ performance/

In the performance «Empty Voice» performers with learning disabilities present themselves directly by telling their personal stories, recalling their memories, sharing their intimate confessions and statements of their own disability, presenting their condition as a social construction and inviting to a necessary deliberation of the possibility of different social relations. Read More

Future read in concrete and stone/performance/

Future read in concrete and stone
In 1917, in the wake of the October revolution, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin claims in one of his writings, that the only way to stay truthful to the revolution is to treat it as art. Following this thought the authors of Future Read in Concrete and Stone study and read the Yugoslav monuments to the People’s Liberation Struggle as both traces of revolution and coordinates of new society.

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Situations, Nomad Dance Institute/ Performance Situation Room

Situations is the format developed and conceived by Nomad Dance Academy members Gisela Mueller (Member of board of directors in Tanzfabrik, Berlin), Dragana Alfirevic (Coordinator at Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia) and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski (Director of Lokomotiva, Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture), in order to help develop new formats for understanding of what dance can be and what the role of choreography can be today. Read More