Artistic residency of Alexis Debeuf, visual artists from Lower Normandy

Alexis Debeuf, born in Tours (France), currently living and working in Caen (Lower Normandy, France). Master of fine Arts at École supérieure d’arts et medias in Caen, France. Alexis Debeuf reacts artistically to the world that surrounds him. He draws its inspiration in daily activities and popular culture. Fan of burlesque cinema and old cartoons, Alexis likes to use humor and absurd in his work to question our relationship to our environments and contexts: objects, architecture, behaviors, language, social, political… Read More

For Want of а Better…

For Want of а Better… is a performance group from Caen, Lower Normandy (voice: Déborah Lennie, sound: Patrice Grente, image: Fred Hocké) whose current project is centred on the idea of a diary-in-progress. They leave their hometown and travel together towards the performance space. The moment they leave, the work has begun: filming, recording sound, writing texts and music along the way, somehow gathering material, which reflects the journey towards performance, both concretely and symbolically. Read More


click here to download the publication Dance Theories reloaded – TkH no. 18, published by TkH (Walking Theory)-Center for Performing Arts Theory and Practice Belgrade in collaboration with the Nomad Dance Academy