Open call for participation in the program “Art, Politics, Institution, Body” / APIB /

Open call for participation in the program “Art, Politics, Institution, Body” / APIB /

Locomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture announces an open call for participation in the first, of this type, continuous program titled “Art, Politics, Institution, Body”.

The call is open to young professionals who want to be theoretically upgraded, in writing, analyzing as well as curating in the field of contemporary performing arts.

The main goal of the program is to open up an opportunity to young professionals to critical reflection and comparative analysis of contemporary arts, and to perceive artist’s practices and cultural activities through the prism of the contemporary context.
Viewing and reflecting art in relation to the context, that is, other public spheres, areas is the approach through which we will discuss contemporary performing arts, and we will look at the notions of art, politics, institution and body, and their relations.
In contemporary art practices we can see a certain “permeability”, that is, extended practice, an expanded artistic field or an interdisciplinary approach. These practices intervened in several fields, apart from traditionally formulated artistic disciplines – across-the-border- and touch, encounter other areas such as sociology, politics, critical theory, etc.
This program is interested in this “permeability” of contemporary arts, the relations of an art field or world, with other public spheres and fields, disciplines. This program starts and returns to the field of performing arts (theater, dance, performance), and through the interdisciplinary approach it passes through other spheres and practices.

The activities of the program are divided into two segments, and certain are intended for the general public, while the workshops are intended only for the APIB group:
– Theoretical program: lectures, discussions and workshops with local and international theorists, artists, curators in the field of contemporary arts
– Performing program: presentation of theater works, dance works and performances, conversations with artists

Guests, lecturers in the program will be: theoreticians, artists, curators: Bojana Kunst (Slovenia / Germany), Pascal Gielen (Belgium), Ana Stojanoska (Macedonia), Lydia Bell (USA), Anastasia Proshitunskaya (Russia), Marijana Cvetkovic (Serbia), and others.
As part of the program, the works of Gisela Müller, Darko Dragičević, Esta Matković, Vanja Smiljanić, Martin Sonderkamp, ​​Maayan Danoch, Ozlem Alkiz, Katja Legin and others will be presented.

The first edition of the program for the APIB group will start in May 2018 with the following schedule:

– May 4 and 5 – lecture and workshop with Bojana Kunst (Slovenia / Germany)
– May 9, May 10- lectures and workshop of Pascal Heilen (Belgium),
– June 1 – June 10 – presentations, workshop – Lidija Belle (USA), Anastasia Proshitunya (Russia), Marijana Cvetkovic (Serbia)

The foreseen activities of the program “Art, Politics, Institution, Body”, in addition to meetings, of the participants with the professionals in the field of contemporary arts, the development of discursive practices and the methodology of reflective writing in the specific field, provide the opportunity to co-curriculate a draft program of each of the students at the end of the working cycle.


– The interested participants should send CV that will show previous experience and participation of the candidate in projects in the field of contemporary arts and culture and motivation letter.
CV and motivation letter should be sent no later than 27.04.2018 at the following email address:

Note: The languages ​​in which the program will be conducted are Macedonian and English

Curator of the program: Biljana Tanurovska Kulavkovski
Program manager: Violeta Kachakova
Assistant curator and coordinator: Elena Risteska

More about the program you can find on the following blog:

The program was supported by: the Municipality of Centar, the City of Skopje, the EEPAP (East European Performing Arts Platform), the TMU and the GPS / Global Practice Sharing Program of the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Goethe Institute in Macedonia, the EU Culture Program and Life Long Burning project.