CURATING IN CONTEXT::: Lokomotiva- Skopje, organised the first activities of the project ”Curating in Context”, supported by the Erasmus +, EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

From 17th till 21nd November in Kino Kultura- project_ space for contemporary performing arts and culture in Skopje, Lokomotiva organised two activities in the framework of the project “Curating in Context”.

The aim of the “Curating in Context” project is to develop curatorial training with a strong focus on social impact through the involvement of local, regional and international actors, targeting individuals as well as cultural and civic organisations. The project intends to create further education for cultural workers and citizens through strategies derived from performing arts and curatorial practice. Through methods of mutual pollination of know-how and best practices from the performing arts and the civil sector the ‘’Curating in Context’’ project also aims to collate the impact of both cultural and civil sector on society.

The consortium of “Curating in Context” consists of the NGOs Lokomotiva, Skopje and Tanzfabrik Berlin and as well as the Higher Education Institutions Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH) and University of Zagreb, The Academy of Dramatic Art (ADA).

From 17 till 18 November in Kino Kultura, Lokomotiva- Skopje organised the first Transnational Project meeting (The Kick Off meeting) on which, specific needs, research, questions, methods and working methodologies of the project were defined. On this meeting the project partners determined an overall mapping of the context, as well as the communication tools and processes of the internal working structure. The aim of the Transnational Project meetings is to monitor the project performance and progress.

From 19 till 21 November in Kino Kultura, was organised the first activity of the project titled “Intensive programmes for teaching staff’. This activity focused on curatorial practices in relation to organisation and management as well as innovative teaching and learning methods.

Seminar and workshops during “Intensive programmes for teaching staff’ included participation of the members of the consortium ‘Curating in Context’ as well as invited guests experts, curators and artists.

From ADA Zagreb representatives and guests : Goran Sergej Pristas, Goran Pavlic, Jasna Žmak Tena Bosnjakovic; DOCH Stockholm representatives and guests: Christofer Fredriksson, Martin Sonderkamp, Kristine Slettevold, Tove Salmgren, Anna Efraimsson; From Tanzfabrik Berlin representatives and guests: Zoé Duflot and Gisela Müller (Tanzfabrik), Silke Bake (Tanzfabrik/independent curator), Kirsten Maar (Frei University Berlin), Maria de la Paz Ponce (independent curator, Berlin), from Lokomotiva representatives and guests: Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Slavcho Dimitrov (Koalicija Margini, Skopje), Kristina Lelovac (FDU/Tiiiit, Skopje) and Ivana Vaseva (FRU, Skopje).


The project “Curating in Context” is supported by Erasmus +, EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.