Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture as one of the Nomad Dance Academy partners, at Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade 2017


Nomad Dance Academy on 20 and 21 October 2017 organized an event Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade . This advocacy initiative has been organized in Skopje in 2012 and Sofia in 2015, and has been developed as a continuous  program for advocating for development of contemporary dance art in the region.

Nomad Dance Advocates is meant to be a gathering of artists and policy and decision makers where they can communicate and exchange experiences in a different, more direct and positive way. The idea behind this is to show the world of contemporary dance to the decision makers from a different perspective. Through the performative and less formal communication and discussions, games and art works, the representatives of ministries of culture, city administrations and other decision making bodies encounter artists, discover the world behind the stage and get a better insight into the potentialities of contemporary dance in today’s cultural space.

Nomad Dance Advocates gathering in Belgrade engages all the participants and guests into imagining the future where dance will not be an incident, but a social practice which brings people together and create space in which we can understand and support each other.

The Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade is organized by Station Service for contemporary dance and partners of Nomad Dance Academy. It takes place in Magacin, the independent culture center opened in 2007 as the first and so far the only space in Belgrade available to all contemporary dance artists.

Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture is one of the Nomad Dance Academy partners.

Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, as representative of Lokomotiva, along with other GPS partners and invited guests, was also part of the meeting -Global Process Sharing (GPS) #GPS/program of Movement Research #movementresearch

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