Lokomotiva as a part of the grand international conference Network of Residencies in South-East Europe #NORSE

Lokomotiva as a partner on the network Nomad Dance Academy is part of the grand international conference Network of Residencies in South-East Europe #NORSE – International Residency Conference in Southeast Europe, organized by the Nomad Dance Academy in Slovenia and the Urban Culture Center Kino Šiška with the support of the city of Ljubljana.

The conference is being held at the Kino Šiška from 7 to 10 April.
The purpose of the conference is to build a Habitat Network in Southeast Europe as a model of an institutionalized and decentralized contemporary dance center.
Many local and international partners of the Nomad Dance Academy participate in the conference, professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and representatives of the cities of Southeast Europe.
At the conference Lokomotiva will present Kino Kultura Skopje as a space for modern performing arts and contemporary culture with significant regional and international cooperation in the field of modern dance and contemporary performing arts.

The Lokomotiva team participating at this conference: Violeta Kachakova, Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Elena Risteska and Viktorija Ilioska, joined by Slavcho Dimitrov,  theoretician in the culture and associate of Lokomotiva.

Nikola Naumovski – head of the mayor of the city of Skopje and Antonio Pavlovski – representative of the Department for public activities, department for culture, also participate in the conference as representatives of the city of Skopje. They will present the city and its cultural policy, program and institutions in the culture with the opportunity to promote bilateral cooperation with the city of Gevgelija and international cooperation with other cities of Southeast Europe.

#NORSE is a part of a series of advocacy events / Nomad Dance advocates / in the area of ​​contemporary dance in the region, and is 4th in a row, following the events organized in Skopje 2012, Sofia 2015, Belgrade 2017.

As part of this advocacy event organized in Ljubljana from 11 to 14 April, immediately after the conference, a meeting of partners of the Nomad Dance Academy will be held, within which the activities realized in 2018 will be presented and analyzed a plan of the program and activities for the following period.

The participation of the Lokomotiva team at the advocacy event in Gevgelija (international conference and meeting of partners of the Nomad Dance Academy) is supported by the Ministry of Culture.