Levi Gonzalez and Mariana Valencia, guests from USA as a part of the GPS program/ presentation/

In the frame of GPS project of cooperation between the USA and Eastern Europe in the field of contemporary dance and performance, Faculty of Music Arts (University St. Cyril and Methodius) and Lokomotiva (represented by Iskra Sukarova and Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski) will host two New York based artists, Levi Gonzales and Mariana Valencia.

Levi will be sharing some of his current artistic research in a performative lecture format, as well as informally sharing his long history with the NYC based organization Movement Research and the impact it has had on him and the communities it reaches. He is also looking forward to opportunities to be in the studio with other artists to share creative practice and dialogue.

Mariana researches her performance work from a diaristic tableaux of personal narratives that encompass ethnography, memoir, and observations on her cross-cultural identifiers. She looks to the histories of urban spaces and juxtaposes them with her experiences in suburbia, the countryside and the imaginary plane. From these observations that are factual, humorous and grave, Mariana depicts the frame from where she self identifies herself. Mariana’s root query in these performed texts is, I’m not sure who will write a history about me; so I’m starting now so that they can have good notes. She performs these vignettes in the form of an album — both a descriptive picture and song album — to inform the audience about who she is and why. This work creates an expressive arch that links text, dance and song.

Presentation of Levi Gonzalez & Mariana Valencia is part of Critical Practice_Made in Yu program and Platform(a). It is realized in frame of their residency with support of GPS/Global Practice Sharing, and co-organized by Iskra Sukarova and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski.

Presentation is supported in frame of the project Kino Kultura- Space for contemporary performing arts and culture, supported by Municipality of Centre.