Lecture: “The spectator in contemporary performing arts”, Ana Stojanoska

The lecture „THE SPECTATOR IN CONTEMPORERY PERFORMING ARTS is a part of the session and lecture by Ana Stojanoska as part of the program „Art:Politics: Institutions: Body“, organized by LOKOMOTIVA – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture

As part of the session, closed workshops, will be held on Oktober 9, intended for a group of young professionals who are part of the program „A.P.I.B.“

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General introduction into the Workshops/ Lectures

The Contemporary theory on reception is about the viewer and his impact in the arts of performing. Because, the space in watching one theater performance it’s extended, and with that it’s extending the meaning about the theater, the viewer should adapt of the new conditions, and with that to adapt and it’s own expectations and  knowledge for the contemporary theater.

This lecture it’s focused on the uncovering the position of the spectator in the contemporary performing arts. The viewer as the participant and active player of theater performance it’s the main intrest.

  1. Who is watching and how you watch theater performance;
  2. The expended field of the theater – What is theater today?
  3. Institutional against uninstitutional performing act;
  4. The change of the space means change of the spectator looks;
  5. Consuming the performance;
  6. Educated spectator and his reception;
  7. Writing about the theater performance;
  8. Journalism/cultural and/or theoretical reception
  9. The Contemporary mediums and the relation for the performance
  10. The monitoring of the mediums for the performance and her impact
  11. Critics or review or change or…
  12. Can we write about the theater today and where?



Ana Stojanoska, Ph.D. Writer and Theatre scholar, Associate professor of the Macedonian Drama and Theatre and History of the World Drama and Theatre at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje (Macedonia). She has worked as researcher/coordinator at the Institute of Theatrology at the FDA since 2002. She writes prose, poetry and dramas, and has published about 60 articles and essays in academic journals and periodicals. She has participated in many symposiums and workshops and in 10 national and international projects. She is author of the books: Macedonian Postmodern Theatre (FDA, 2006); Dimitar Kostarov, Realistic poetics and aesthetics of a director (FDA, 2014); Lin and I, after (novel, Blesok, 2016, received National Award “Racinovo priznanie”, 2017). She is also the editor of the books: Drami, (2002) the collection of plays by Dejan Dukovski and Contemporary Macedonian Drama (2008), and one of the authors and editor of the chapter Fakti in the monographs Ilija Milčin (2003) and Petre Prličko (2005). She is also one of the authors/contributors of Glossary of literary theory (MANU, 2007). Her monodrama The Glass Lampion was performed as a radio play (Theatra, 2013).


Location: Kino Kultura

Time: 19:00