Interactive Music Lab – Gebrüder Teichmann & Kanton6 Trio

Interactive Music Lab
electronic sound workshop and impro live session
Gebrüder Teichmann [Berlin] & Knton6 Trio [Skopje]

14-17 May/ workshop
17 May – 19.30h/ impro live session
Kino Kultura
From 14 till 17 May, with the support of Goethe Institute in Skopje, Lokomotiva will host the electronic sound pioneers from Berlin – Gebrüder Teichmann who will perform a three days’ workshop with the most prominent electronic collective from Skopje – Kanton6 Trio, after which a live impro session will be presented for the public in Kino Kultura on 17 May 2019 at 19.30h.

Gebrüder Teichmann >> Andi and Hannes Teichmann
Knton6 Trio >> Mirko Popov, Sinisha Evtimov and Vladan Drobicki

Aiming to hold the creation space as wide as possible, the music artists sometimes create their own “sound machines” by using, reforming and reprogramming different analogue machines, connected with digital software, computers and instruments. Interactive Music Lab is developed so it can support the process of artistic creation by offering a working platform for exchange and collaboration of professional musicians from Germany and Macedonia. The project aims to create an open working process for sound and music creation based on sharing knowledge and applied methods and techniques in the process of production and development of composition, used by different musicians. In a form of music LAB organised in Kino Kultura, the musicians will create an open studio working platform whereas using their classic (trombone), analogue and digital instruments and equipment will be engaged in a join process of live sound and music creation. This process will create new knowledge, by investigating the modalities of live sound (re)production coming from a live and generic instruments and their mutual causalities in the process of composing and performing. The results for a 3-days working session will be presented as live impro performance organised in Kino Kultura on 17 May 2019.

Short biographies of the musicians:
Gebrüder Teichmann, the two brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann, are active musicians, Djs and cultural activists. They started getting into music in 1989 at the age of 9 and 12 years with their punk band Totalschaden before they discovered electronic music and became an active part of the Berlin underground scene since the late 90s. Together and solo they have released on various labels, such as Kompakt, Ladomat, Killekill, Staubgold, Soundway, Outhere or Disko B and their own labels Festplatten, Teichtracks and NOLAND. Their work is not limited by style or genre borders. Many collaborations with artists from a wide range of genres, from hip hop to classical music, from traditional to experimental music etc. allowed them to constantly widen their possibilities of live performance and improvisation in electronic music as well as creating bridges between musicians from different backgrounds. In the field of contemporary music they´ve worked with ensembles as Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Decoder, Omnibus Ensemble and composers as Moritz Eggert or Leopold Hurt. As networkers the brothers developed intercultural projects in cooperation with Goethe Institutes around the world, such as BLNRB, Ten Cities, Karachi Files, Soundcamp Sri Lanka or Mondmaschine. They curated nights for several Berlin Festivals like Worldtronic Festival (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), Africa Music Convention, Afghanische Kulturwochen (Auswärtiges Amt), or the 3 days Festival “From Inside To Way Out / Perspectives from Contemporary Pakistan” at HAU, Hebbel am Ufer.

Kanton6 is a pioneering musical project, a herald of indie-techno-rock crossover in Macedonia. Probably the most exciting musical mix in the last decade, which arose from the need to play eclectically and with an attitude, based on a firm beat (as a legacy of the last two and a half techno decades) and brought to the clubs and concerts. Kanton6 works from year 2000 and is primarily an intellectual product of Sinisha Evtimov – one of the leading Macedonian contemporary theater directors and Mirko Popov – present on our scene as a DJ, composer/producer, publisher and musician in general. From their early period presenting several songs, the most notable being “Rockaroundtheclock”, played on the Radio Channel 103 and released on the compilation ZavisnaLista.Mk – a song that is referred to as “one hit wonder” from the Macedonian music critic. Perhaps the release of this tag is the reason for the reactivation of Kanton6. However, it is obvious that creativity pours the glass and things take place positively for Kanton6. In a very short term follow the burst EP editions, and the debut album “Chill Folk” was released in 2011. The second album “Children of MRTV” came out in 2013 and is accompanied by a great promotional concert activity. In the years to come, Kanton6 is turning into a real cast-techno-attraction, which is a rare occurrence in these areas. In fact, the whole concept of the band is moving in the direction of concert improvisation, with sound results totally surprising the audience, but also the authors themselves. At the moment, the band is preoccupied with their third studio album under the working title “Jazzus”, for which they collaborate with jazz musicians.

Vladan Drobicki -Trombone
Born 1971 in Jesenik, Czech Republic. He completed primary music education at MBUC-Ilija Nikolovski-Luj in Skopje, where he graduated trombone in the class of prof. Jorgo Stefanovski He starts working in the orchestra of the Macedonian Opera as a first trombone. At the same time, he starts a jazz band Sethstat and releases 9 albums so far. A long-time member of the Macedonian RadioTV revial orchestra and for the last several years an informal head of the ensemble. Member of the City brass band of the City of Skopje. Founder of Prilep Jazz Weekend Festival and program selector of the until 2017. A long-term member of the Management Board of the MMI (Agency for Realizing Performance and Production Rights in the Republic of Macedonia). Member of the ZJM Orchestra. Active as a musician-trombonist in the band Sethstat, which promotes jazz music through the smaller cities of the Republic of Macedonia. Co-owner of PMG Jazz label which started in 2018 and releases and promotes contemporary Macedonian jazz music.