From 5 to 20 October 2015, the artistic association 2angles from Flers, Lower Normandy,will host the Macedonian visual artist Ivan Ivanovski, as artist in residence.

Based on the criteria defined with the open call and the quality of the work proposed, the pre-selection jury composed of Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski, Violeta Kachakova and Yane Calovski, selected 3 from 10 applications of artists that entered the evaluation process.
The selected applications were send to Jérôme LETINTURIER, responsible for visual arts in 2angles. The Administrative Council of 2angles did the final selection and selected the artists Ivan Ivanovski with his work “Abandoned city(ies)” for the residency programme.

“Abandoned city(ies)” is the working title of the installation (collages in space) which will be created in several cities during the visits or residencies, and will start with the city of Flers.
The inspiration for this project arises from the cities themselves when they are devoid of traffic or people. The idea is to explore space – the uniqueness of the architecture, the cityscape, the horizon landscape they are surrounded by, as well as time – traces of people doing their everyday routine (long exposure and sequence photography in a pictorial manner). The process of making the collages involves direct cuts on pre-painted paper sheets based on pre-drawn sketches.

At the end of the residency Ivanvski will present his work in front of artistic community and public of the city of Flers. He will make a space installation, and his works will be arranged on the walls, ceiling, floor and some will be placed (hanged) inside the space of the gallery/studio.


The residency is enabled with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, 2angles andthe Region Lower Normandy.