For Want of а Better…

For Want of а Better… is a performance group from Caen, Lower Normandy (voice: Déborah Lennie, sound: Patrice Grente, image: Fred Hocké) whose current project is centred on the idea of a diary-in-progress. They leave their hometown and travel together towards the performance space. The moment they leave, the work has begun: filming, recording sound, writing texts and music along the way, somehow gathering material, which reflects the journey towards performance, both concretely and symbolically.

The residency was realised in 2013, in which frame For Want of а Better… was presented in Skopje, Youth Cultural Centre on the 6th edition of LocoMotion – Festival for contemporary dance and performance, organised by Lokomotiva. After the festival the performance was presented in Bitola, in the Cultural Centre Bitola. The French Institute in Paris financially supported the residency.

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