Empty Voice/ performance/

In the performance «Empty Voice» performers with learning disabilities present themselves directly by telling their personal stories, recalling their memories, sharing their intimate confessions and statements of their own disability, presenting their condition as a social construction and inviting to a necessary deliberation of the possibility of different social relations.

The scenes in this performance are conceived with the aim to open a new level of communication between the performers and the audience, both through the first person speech of the performers with learning disabilities and through their mutual conversation and discussion with the audience.


Natalija Vladisavljević, Goran Gostojić, Marijana Šugić, Snežana Bulatović, Dejan Šuljan, Marina Sremački, Marko Bašica, Vuk Vuković, Beata Perge, Bojana Stojanović, Mihailo Petrović, Dalibor Šandor, Andrej Nenadov, Dunja Crnjanski, Frosina Dimovska and Saša Asentić

Concept: Saša Asentić

Directors: Saša Asentić and Olivera Kovačević-Crnjanski

Assistant director: Frosina Dimovska

Stage and costume design: Nataša Murge Savić

Light design: Tihomir Boroja

Associates: Tatjana Tucić, Dunja Crnjanski and Andrej Nenadov

Sound technician: Predrag Petruševski

Partners: Serbian National Theater, “Milan Petrović” School and Erste bank

Production: Per.Art – Art and Inclusion Programme 2013

Performance on the Platform(a) is realized in partnership with NGO Sinata Ptica (Blue bird) and with support from Eurostandard Bank A.D. Skopje and Осигурување Македониja Vienna Insurance Group and FRIEDRICH EBERT STIFTUNG Office in Skopje. We thank for the support of Meriot Hotel Skopje.

Platform(a) is realised in frame of the project Kino Kultura- Space for contemporary performing arts and culture, supported by Municipality of Centre.