Festival team Elena Risteska, Evdokia Nikolova-Liere, Gjurgica Hristovska, Angela Petrovska

Elena Risteska

Festival Program Coordinator

Elena Risteska uses research, analysis and reflection as the three tools connecting the innovative draft-solutions of Skopje Kreativa 2019 with the community at large. As a coordinator she makes sure the innovative solutions correspond to the real space, and the festival social promotion platform. She completed her studies in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy at the Faculty of Music Arts, Skopje, Macedonia and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Policy Studies from the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities in Skopje. She is an active member of the NGO Locomotiva-Center for New Initiatives in the Arts and Culture, which advocates for conditions,development, research, production and presentation of contemporary performing arts and cultural policies at local, regional and international levels. As a project coordinator she is active on program lines aimed at achieving progressive socio-cultural change in society. She is actively engaged within project_space–KinoKultura–space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture in Skopje, Macedonia, AKTO-Festival for contemporary arts, Bitola, etc. Believing in collective activities, motivational spirit and collective systems, Elena explores the “in between” in many structures. Her focus is on exploring new choreographic formats and discursive practices, critical and analytical reflection in the field of contemporary performing arts as well as exploring new performative approaches and their contextualization. She explores the body in the cultural, social and performative environment, as well as the conditions for its functioning.


Evdokia Nikolova-Liere

Festival Program Coordinator

Evdokia Nikolova-Liere lives in Skopje and Bohn and works in the area of art and culture, as an event coordinator, communications specialist, project organizer and photographer. She likes channeling her creativity, passion for work with people and the experience acquired through the years, by working on a variety of art projects, such as “Skopje Kreativa”, which are a significant contribution to the Macedonian cultural scene.


Gjurgica Hristovska


A huge fan and friend of children and young people. A great proponent of creating a cleaner and greener environment for a carefree childhood and proper development of children and youth; in fact, a champion for a more beautiful and cleaner environment which is something that our planet Earth deserves, and we do too.


Angela Petrovska

Festival Program Assistant-Coordinator

She believes that by working in and raising the level of culture we are elevating and improving society. “Skopje Kreativa 2019” is part of our mirror toward a better society.