EDEN/ dance performance/

EDEN juxtaposes two worlds that are simultaneously present in the meeting between a performer and an audience. The here and now of the theatrical meeting collides with the realm of images that hover in the spaces within, outside and in-between the bodies. Working with these images through a figure of a clown, EDEN collides opposites and stages paradoxes playfully and with a sense of humor. EDEN is not a blissful state of rest. EDEN is a place of healing with a razorblade.

If tenderness was concentrated to an essence, or turned to extremity beyond imagining, what would it look like, would I remember it like this?
Joe Kelleher
Concept, creation and performance: Mala Kline; Space, light & costume design: Petra Veber; Music by: Alen and Nenad Sinkauz (East Rodeo); Music arrangements & Live music: Luka Ropret; Sound design & Feedback: Sašo Kalan;
Assistance: Lucija Barišić in Adriana Josipović; Advising: Andrea Božić, Guy Cools; Costume design assistant: Amanda Kapić; Technical director: Zoran Grabarac; Producer: Žiga Predan;
Production: Pekinpah & E.P.I. center; Co-production: DasArts Amsterdam, Kino Šiška, Student Center Zagreb – Culture of Change – Theater &TD, Tanzquarter Wien, EN-KNAP / Španski borci
Support: modul-dance, Ministry of Culture RS, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport RS, City of Ljubljana; With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union in the framework of the modul-dance project www.modul-dance.eu
Audience Award for Best Performance, Gibanica 2013 – Slovene Contemporary Dance Platform.
Ksenja Hribar Award for Choreography, Gibanica 2013 – Slovene Contemporary Dance Platform.
Audience Award for Best Choreographer, Teatar.hr 2013 – nominated Audience Award for Best Performance, Teatar.hr 2013 – nominated
Performance on the Platform(a) is realized with support from Осигурување Македониja Vienna Insurance Group and FRIEDRICH EBERT STIFTUNG Office in Skopje.