Decentralised Cooperation BN-MK


Decentralized cooperation programme between the Region Lower Normandy (France)[1] and the Republic of Macedonia began in 2006. It is a bilateral cooperation programme between the French region, represented by the Regional Council and the Republic of Macedonia, represented by the Ministry of Local Self-Government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic France financially supports the programme, which is coordinated by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA).

The programme has two main phases, first phase implemented in the period 2006/2013 in two 3-years cycles and the second phase 2013/2016.

The first phase 2006/2013 was implemented though the work of French-Macedonian tandem organizations. Each tandem was responsible for one the seven themes/axes of cooperation.  In this phase Lokomotiva was the Macedonian partner, which in collaboration with different territorial and cultural institutions and organisations from the region Lowe Normandy, was responsible for the axe Cultural Polices and Culture Exchange. Aims of the programme were strengthening the local governance, supporting regional development, development of the capacities of local self-governments, public institutions and the citizens in Lower Normandy and Macedonia as well as exchange of good practices and experiences.

The second phase 2014/2016 marks two important moments of the world history: the 70 years from the D-Day and the Battle of Normandy and 100 years from the World War I. These historical moments were taken in consideration when defining the priority themes of the cooperation:

  • Memory, peace and reconciliation
  • Cultural and natural heritage and
  • Human rights

In this phase the previous programme structure of thematic axes and tandem organisation was replaced with the following structure:

  1. Institutional development – dedicated to decentralization, regional development and EU integration on two levels: direct cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and the Macedonian Ministry of Local Self-Governance and strengthening the network of the 13 twined cities from Region Lower Normandy and Macedonia.
  2. Territorial projects – implemented by local actors from the both territories on the themes:  memory, peace and reconciliation, cultural and natural heritage and human rights.
  3. Mobility and exchange – Promotion of mobility and exchange of actors from both territories: youth, artists, cultural workers etc.

In this phase Lokomotiva is implementing the project “Culture in the role of territorial development and social cohesion” (programme line 2) and is coordinating the Artistic exchange programme (programme line 3).


Decentralised cooperation programme web page:

[1] In 2016, the region Lower Normandy has merged with the region Higher Normandy in one joint region Normandy