Decentralised Cooperation BN-MK 2013-2016


The new cycle of the Programme for Decentralised cooperation between the region Lower Normandy and Macedonia started in October 2013.  After the successful finalisation of the previous 6 years of the programme, the third cycle of the programme (2013-2016) maintains its focus on territorial development of both territories.

The new programme cycle marks two important moments of the world history: the 70 years from the D-Day and the Battle of Normandy and 100 years from the World War I. These historical moments were taken in consideration when defining the priority themes of the cooperation:

  • memory, peace and reconciliation
  • cultural and natural heritage and
  • human rights

The new programme cycle has changed the methodology of work and implementation of the programme, where as the previous working of thematic axes implemented by French – Macedonian tandem organisation was replaced with the following structure:

  1. Institutional development

This programme part is dedicated to decentralization, regional development and EU integration on two levels: direct cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and the Macedonian Ministry of Local Self-Governance and strengthening the network of the 14 twined-cities from Region Lower Normandy and Macedonia.

  1. Territorial projects

Territorial projects implemented by local actors from the both territories on the subjects:  memory, peace and reconciliation, cultural and natural heritage and human rights. The projects are selected on yearly basis, with possibility some of the projects to be extended in three year period.

  1. Mobility and exchange

Promotion of mobility and exchange of actors from both territories: youth, professors, artists, cultural workers etc.

* * *


Lokomotiva maintained active role as participant in the programme and will be involved in each of above-mentioned structural lines of cooperation. In this programme cycle in 2014 Lokomotiva continued its successful collaboration with its local partner Centre for Development of Pelagonija Region – CDPR and the French partner – Mixed Union of the bay Mont Saint Michel.


  1. Institutional development

In relation to the structural line of the programme dedicated to Institutional Development, Lokomotiva was involved as coordinator of the cooperation between CDPR and Mixed Union of the bay Mont Saint Michel aimed at establishing communication for future direct cooperation on political and programme-based level between the Region Pelagonija and bay Mont Saint Michel.










In order to discus the mutual interests and possible area of cooperation in 2014 a delegation from bay Mont Saint Michel had an official visit to Pelagonija. Representatives of bay Mont Saint Michel that took part in the official visit were:

  • Catherine Bruneaud-Rhyn, Mayor of the community Genêts, Vice-president of the Association of Communities AVRANCHES-MONT SAINT MICHEL
  • Vice-president of the Mixed Union of the bay Mont Saint Michel, responsible for tourism
    Sandrine Poulet, responsible for tourism, culture and communication in the Mixed Union of the bay Mont Saint Michel
  • Caroline Périer, responsible for tourism and cooperation between the bay Mont Saint Michel and Macedonia

Meetings were organised with the director of CRDPR (Emilia Gjeroska), Mayors of the municipalities Mogila, Novaci, Demir Hisar, representative for tourism of the of Bitola municipality, director of the National Museum of Bitola and the director of Krushevo House of Culture.

On the meetings the delegation of the Mixed Union of the bay Mont Saint Michel was led by Lokomotiva (Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski and Violeta Kachakova) and accompanied by Ivan Dimitirevska, head of the Office for Decentralized Cooperation LN/MK and the Association of Local Democracy Agencies.


  1. Territorial projects

In relation to Territorial projects Lokomotiva develops the three-years project (2013/2016) Culture in the role of territorial development and social cohesion. Project is composed of 2 main programme lines: Museum of women stories and Creative Crafts.


Museum of women stories in the 20th century history of Pelagonija Region

Museum of women stories grew out of the idea to explore, perceive and (re)affirms the role of women in socio-political, social and family context by reading cultural meanings, symbols, associations, hidden behind the historical facts, in the first half of 20-century in Bitola, Prilep, Krusevo with the surroundings of Pelagonija Region. Iskra Geshoska, Hristina Ivanoska, Violeta Kachakova and Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski are co-authors the project. The main goal of the Museum of women stories is to discover and deconstruct through sublime, socio-cultural reference notes, the historical facts behind the existing concrete social relations and dynamics, as well as ideological and discursive apparatus, and their participation and influence in the creation of cultural meanings and the emancipation of women from the past to the present.


In 2014/15 the project team preformed and extensive research in Bitola, Prilep and Krushevo based on investigation of public archives and museums documents and visual materials, interviews, literature, desktop analyses and of the public opinion through open discussion with film screenings. People and institutions that supported the researches: Areti Sidovska, Rubinch Belcevski, Senka Anastasova, Zaneta Vangeli, Aleksandar Litovski, Liljana Hristova, Zoran Bogeski, Svetlana Petkovska, Ljupco Pechijarski, Cvetan Belichanski, Toni Chatleski, Blagoja Chonski, Jasna Zlatanoska (Sina Taseska), Gjorgji Pileski, Pande Dimitrievski, Petar Stavrev I Irena Cvetkovikj, State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia – Department Bitola, State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia – Department Prilep, Institute and Museum Bitola, Institute and Museum Prilep, Historical Museum Krusevo, Centre for Culture “Marko Cepenkov” Prilep, Women Organization of Bitola, University Library” St. Kliment Ohridski ” Skopje, University Library” St. Kliment Ohridski ” Bitola.


In 2015 the research results were articulated through audio-visual exhibition, followed by discussions.

The exhibition and discussions were organised in Bitola (Institute and Museum Bitola), Prilep (Centre for Culture “Marko Cepenkov”) and Krushevo (Historical Museum) in the period from 15 September to 30 October 2015. Participants at discussions were the project co-authors together with invited local participants from each city: Aleksandar Litovski – historian, Georgji Pulevski-human rights activists (Bitola), Ljupco Pechijareski – professor of economicsand sociologist, Rubin Belcheski – curator (Prilep), Zoran Bogeski – historian (Krushevo).


In 2016 co-authors of the project worked on publication as compilation of texts dedicated to different aspects of the women emancipation question in Macedonia, covering the period of the 20th century. Authors of the texts are: Rubincho Belcheski, Anastas Vangeli, Iskra Geshoska, Hristina Ivanoska, Ilina Jakimovska, Goran Janev, Violeta Kachakova, Aleksandar Litovski, Elena Marchevska, Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski.


Exchange in the filed of contemporary craft

With an aim to create direct contacts between similar and sector related institutions from Macedonia and Normandy in the filed of craft, Lokomotiva in 2016 organized a working visit in Skopje for Catherine Ploux – Director for Economic and Territorial Affairs in the Trade and Crafts Chamber of Calvados – Orne, Normandy. Different meetings with representatives of public institution (Ministry of Culture, City of Skopje), private organisations (Macedonian Artisans Trade Association, Regional-Skopje Craft Chamber) were preformed that gave knowledge for the future possibility of collaboration in the fields of contemporary usage of traditional crafts.


  1. Artistic Exchange

Structural programme for mobility and exchange implemented by Lokomotiva, was dedicated to ARTISTIC EXCHANGE, organised in the form of artistic residencies and artistic co-production. More information about the artistic exchange programme with Lowe Normandy can be found on this link.