Dance_ Policies, Diversities and spaces

Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture is pleased to invite you to a 2-day event dedicated to contemporary dance and culture, which will be held on April 25 and 26 in Kino Kultura – space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture. Lokomotiva Skopje as part of its program activities creates new opportunities for creating, developing and advocacy of professionals in the field of contemporary culture and art. Following this direction, in the frame of this event Lokomotiva will present choreographic works and works in the process of young choreographers and performers from Macedonia. Within the programme of the event, parcpants can follow presentations and discussions dedicated to the conditions for development of dance spaces and dance policies in Macedonia.
*** Special guests at the event are the representatives from EDN – European Dancehouse Network, under the program “Encounter”, organized by Kino Siska – Center for Urban Culture, European Dancehouse Network and Nomad Dance Academy.


Wednesday, April 25

19:00 Presentations of choreographic works by Skopje Dance Theatre, Interart Culture Centre Skopje
19:30 “sensors”- work in process by Valentino Apostolovski
20:00 “MOONLIGHT “work in progress by Aleksandar Georgiev and Dario Barreto Damas

Thursday, April 26

10:30- Presentation of Kino Kultura space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture, Violeta Kachakova, Lokomotiva Skopje
11:00- Dance spaces, conditions and current position of contemporary dance in Macedonia, Elena Risteska, Lokomotiva Skopje
11:30- Policies in Dance, discussion on dance situation in Macedonia with students, dancers, choreographers, representatives of Ministry of Culture, moderated by Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski Lokomotiva Skopje

Location: Kino Kultura
Entrance: free
All presentations and discussions will be in English

***Encounter Balkans (22.4.-28.4.2018)
Ljubljana – Zagreb – Belgrade – Skopje – Sofia

The region of Balkans (ex-Yugoslavia and Bulgaria) is known for huge political turbulences, heart-warming people, good food and great party. In the last decade(s) the contemporary performing art scenes havedeveloped into the formats of independent scenes, public-private and international-local forms of cooperation as well as the clusters of artistic entrepreneur organisms. Some significant new festivals and new spaceshave been established, which enable new artistic expression to grow and that are worth seeing. This nomadic trip is an opportunity to visit several locations in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The tour will star in Ljubljana and end in Sofia, Encounter organized by Kino Siska, Centre for Urban Culture, European Dancehouse Network and Nomad Dance Academy. It takes place in the framework of the activities of the EDN network co-financed by the EU Creative Europe programme. This activity was proposed in the new EU project supported by the program Creative Europe. In the application Progressing the EDN Network was enriched by the diversity of its membership, to gain and develp fromthe knowledge exchange and intelligence gathering that resonates beyond the immediate reach of the membership. One of the main key objective is to Extend reach through encouraging dialogue, being open andflexible to new global challenges facing dance and civil society.
The idea is to share the information and enable practical physical experience, by visiting places and getting to know people and structures and program with the aim of getting acquainted with existing potentials, as opposed to the idea of looking for what is lacking in the region.