DANCE WORKS! programme of Life Long Burning (LLB) project RESULTS

The jury for the Dance Works! Programme 2017 consist of Angelina Georgieva, Dejan Srhoj and Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld are announcing the results for the co- production proposals of Life Long Burning (LLB) programme- Dance Works!

Besides the criteria of a quality of the artistic proposal, important aspect for the jury was the relation of the project to the region of the NDA network, part of which is the co-producer Lokomotiva-Skopje, as well as to its aims to enhance regional and international collaboration, sharing knowledge and artistic resources.
Led by these criteria, the jury gave the privilege to the proposal “Make it, make it, don’t fake it” by Darko Dragičević, Esta Matković and Vanja Smiljanić, co-produced by Quartier am Hafen, Cologne STANICA Servis za savremeni ples, Belgrade, JSKD Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za kulturne dejavnosti/Republic of Slovenia

Find attached here the results of our jurying for Dance Works! co-productions with a short argumentation of the decisions.


DANCE WORKS! programme enables co-productions of new artworks.

LLB considers the co-productions of dance and performance as an important tool to develop dialogue and exchange both between artists and between dance organizations on the European level. Therefore the DANCE WORKS! Programme, supports co-productions of new works realized by choreographers and dancers from Europe, co-produced by project partners organizations.

The co-production activity is directly linked with the Prix Jardin d’Europe, as at least four Dance Works! pieces are among the 10-14 annually nominated works. All Dance Works! creations are at display on the LLB website in full length to guarantee maximum exposure for the young artists. Dance Radar Europe supports the promotion of these creations among the European colleagues by involving social media structures ensuring strong links to multiplying sites regarding both the LLB webpage and facebook page.

LLB is supported by EU programme for Culture

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