DANCE WORKS! programme of Life Long Burning (LLB) project //CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR CO-PRODUCTION //Deadline: 20 August 2017


Dear artists,

DANCE WORKS! programme enables co-productions of new artworks.

This call offers possibility for production of new artwork that will be co-produced by the LLB partner Lokomotiva- Centre for New initiatives in Arts and Culture (Lokomotiva-Skopje), representing the Nomad Dance Academy network.

With this call WE ARE INVITING YOU to propose an art projects, which will be co-produced in the frame of DANCE WORKS! Programme.

LLB considers the co-productions of dance and performance as an important tool to develop dialogue and exchange both between artists and between dance organizations on the European level. Therefore the DANCE WORKS! Programme, supports co-productions of new works realized by choreographers and dancers from Europe, co-produced by project partners organizations.

The co-production activity is directly linked with the Prix Jardin d’Europe, as at least four Dance Works! pieces are among the 10-14 annually nominated works. All Dance Works! creations are at display on the LLB website in full length to guarantee maximum exposure for the young artists. Dance Radar Europe supports the promotion of these creations among the European colleagues by involving social media structures ensuring strong links to multiplying sites regarding both the LLB webpage and facebook page.

Conditions for applying an artwork in DANCE WORKS! programme:

  • Only works involving artists and/or organizations from at least 3 different European countries are liable to be funded.
  • Co-productions have to have premiere by mid-March 2018.
  •  This call enables co-financing of 2.700 EUR though Lokomotiva-Skopje as co-producer.
  •  Applicants had to co-finance the equal amount of funds enabled by Lokomotiva-Skopje, or 50% of the overall project budget
  • Co-financing is considered only as financial contribution – in kind costs cannot be included
  • The final co-financing sum will be decided after the section of the artwork in relation to the proposed project and its budget

Here you can download the Application Form:

Coproduction call_2017_18

20 th August 2017 is deadline for submitting the application.

Applications to be sent to


The artistic selection of the works is made during the annual co-organizers meetings.

The final selection of the co-production will be announced by 9 th September 2017


LLB is supported by EU programme for Culture

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