DANCE WORKS! Performance: Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT by Barbara Kanc, Barabra Ribnikar, Jan Rozman, Kaja Lorenci, Katja Legin, Nataša Živković

The performance “Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT” is part of the program “Arts, Politics, Institutions and Body” organised by Lokomotiva – Skopje.

Performance: Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT

Producer: Studio za raziskavo umetnosti igre/ Studio for the research on the art of acting
Partners: Španski borci, Federacija, PTL, Bunker

Authors and performers:
No!training Lab team: Barbara Kanc, Barabra Ribnikar, Jan Rozman, Kaja Lorenci, Katja Legin, Nataša Živković

Artistic team:
Light design: Tomi Janežič
Sound design: SZ3
Scenography and costumography: No!training Lab
Costume advice: Marina Sremac
Technical manager: Luka Curk

Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT was made in a dialogue with the novel Slowness by Milan Kundera. The story of the novel was taken as a frame from which authors drew the literary time – space and motives for the performance, in which the themes of the novel are then questioned, associated on and carried out performatively. Similarly as Kundera in a relation to the substance of the novel, the performance tries to be in relation to what it stages, often shifting between- or being simultaneously- fully engaged with something, but also distancing itself from it.
A broader term of time serves as a prism or a filter through which other themes (pleasure, self-obsession and self-presentation, closeness, sexuality, distorted view of reality..) are explored. It is the time, which we cannot catch (and is running away from us), the time that is unbearable, the time when we forget (ourselves) and time that forgets us. With the title theme of slowness its opposite- speed- is also in question. Being much too fast or at other times, little too slow. With one leg always a little bit in the past, with the other already in the future – in some strange stretch. The characters of Kundera’s novel just don’t manage to arrive here and now. Always passing themselves, or “out of themselves”, passing each other, which prevents them from any sort of closeness or real encounter. The timing is always wrong for “it” to happen. The performance plays with this motive by sometimes using and staging the actual story, other times exploring it on metatheatrical level- performers finding themselves on wrong places, at wrong times, doing the wrong thing.
Since it’s premiere performance is being developed, refined and worked on. This is the fourth variation of it.

Location: KINO Kultura
Time: 20:00
Entrance: Free

This performance was organised in the framework of DANCE WORKS!, program of Life Long Burning Project.
Life Long Burning program is supported by the EU programme for Culture
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