Co production Imperceptible Departure by Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik

LIFE LONG BURNING – Lokomotiva and Nomad Dance Academy in frame of Life Long Burning project co-produce the performance Imperceptible Departure by Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik 

Imperceptible Departure is a project that was initiated in 2010 by Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik, Ivana Peranič and Josip Maršič. It was presented to an audience in Rijeka in the form of a pilot project; a shorter performance.
Four years later, with new collaborators, authors continue to develop the point of departure – an idea of where something starts/begins – and they have arrived at a three-day event in the Museum (in Rijeka) that starts on 15th November and ends on 17th November 2014.

Premiere in Ljubljana is planned for March 2015. 

A team of artists will be meeting groups of guests during these three days, sharing questions about (empty) space, (wrong) time and about the fact that something ‘this’ should nearly always be something ‘else’.
An empty space is a white canvas for choreography. Full of possibilities. Open and ready for the initial moment.
The choreography will develop through the composition of figures in space; through the changing shapes of and relationships between an empty space and the figures in that space.
The choreography will unfold in an exhibitive time and is created with all the figures in space; with us and with you.
Our movement, drifting through the formal and informal parts of a beginning (which is instead of an opening) and also the poetry of encounter and communication – all of this will  create a space full of shapes that will, on the second day, be translated into other medias; and on the third day, used in an hour-long exhibition called Unauthorised*.
Throughout the three days, the Museum is a place of meetings for various groups of people; a place where one can enjoy space and time.
The format of those meetings combines elements of artistic activities, such as performance, exhibition, workshop, talks…with a desire to open part of our creative process to everyone; for everyone to bring their own vision.
The three-day event will, on each of its days, be composed of different scores that are executed with a previously arranged group of people.
We begin with a performance-based event that will exist in an exhibition time-frame and we conclude with an exhibition that will exist in a performance-based time.
Each day of this 3-day event is open to the general public.

Concept and artistic guidance: Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik
Co-authors: Andreja Podrzavnik and Collective Federacija
Co-creation: Andreja Podrzavnik, Ivana Peranić, Rok Vevar, Ivan Samsa
Visual advise: Samo
Spatial advise: Jaka Šimenc
Sound design: Josip Maršić and Christopher Benstead
Implementation of the project: Andreja Podrzavnik, Ivana Peranić, Ivan Samsa, Rok Vevar, Kate Foley, Samo, Josip Maršić and guests
Photographers: Tomislav Nakić Alfirević i Dražen Šokčević
Organisation of the Rijeka Imperceptible Departure: Ivana Peranič
Production: Zavod Federacija Ljubljana and Kreativni laboratorij suvremenog kazališta KRILA, Rijeka  in collaboration with Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka
Co-production: Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture and Nomad Dance Academy in frame of Life Long Burning Project.
Financial support: Ministry of culture Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of culture Republic of Croatia, City of Ljubljana, City of Rijeka