Choreographic work “POLY”

Premiere of the choreographic work “POLY”
Kino Kultura
Tuesday/11 December/20.00 h

<the choreographic work is developed in the frame of the Residency Purple Blood>

Poly is choreography and a dance piece.

Poly is a fictive figure. An assemblage of qualities, ideas and logics. A third option, neither right nor left, but both in the same body.

Poly is already rearranged, a body we don’t yet know. Poly is so polyphonic that doesn’t know what self is. Poly will mingle with the audience. Poly is not a figure but a metaphor, or many!

Poly, meaning ”many” or ”much”, might also refer to someone practicing many loves.

Poly, is an attempt for re-thinking mono/poly-gamy, relationality, intimacy and the spatiality of thought. We can be close at a far distance and distant at an arms reach.

With poly-powers we’ll locate our new inner strengths, hunt our interior nipples, and attempt new modes of being ”two-gether” or maybe ”poly-gether”? Poly wonders what it would mean to re-define queer, a new start?

May the poly-force be with you!

Concept, choreography & performer: Sebastian Lingserius.
Choreography & performer: Nefeli Oikonomou.
Music and sound design: Franz Edvard Cedrins.
Light/image: Sebastian Lingserius.
Photo: Danae Economou.
Illustration: Olof Svenblad.
Video: Aleksandra Sende.
Produced with support of AADK Murcia, Kinitiras Athens, La Macina di San Cresci Toscana, and MDT.
Supported by: The Swedish Art Council.


Purple Blood is an artistic residency happening within the frame of the program “ART POLITICS INSTITUTION BODY”, curated and organized by Lokomotiva – centre of new initiatives for art and culture, at Kino Kultura – space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture.

“We are Aleksandar Georgiev, Zhana Pencheva, Nefeli Oikonomou and Darío Barreto Damas. All of us work in the field of dance, performance and choreography.

Along this residency we have been working around queerness as an approach and ideology defined by practice. We understand queerness as a container space for disturbing the narrative of a consequence, to re-inform a meaning, to “un-line up” established connotations as a tool for creating the prosperity of the different and the hope for diversity.

The aim of this encounter has been the creation of a collective dialog departing from our knowledge and experiences, where we discuss, problematize and question different understandings of queer practices and their implementation, both in artistic decisions and institutions procedures.
To wrap up and conclude our working period, Purple Blood has invited the choreographic work Poly, by Sebastian Lingserius and Nefeli Oikonomou. A work that deals with disidentification and morphing identities, a constant reconstruction of self, a queer polyphony.”

Purple Blood is organized by:

Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture within the frame of the program”ART POLITICS INSTITUTION BODY curated by Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski and
Garage – collective platform for independent artists within the frame of the project “Artistic residencies for Purple Blood”.

This residency is implemented with the support of National Cultural Fund of Bulgaria, Municipality of Centre in Skopje and Konstnärsnämnden – Swedish arts grants committee (grant for international exchange) and Ministry of Culture of RM.