LECTURE: “Civil Action Between Creativity and Criminality”, Pascal Gielen

The lecture “Civil Action Between Creativity and Criminality” is part of the workshop sessions and lecture by Pascal Gielen “ART BEYOND THE CREATIVE CITY / ART, POLITICS AND URBAN LIFE ” as part of the program” Art: Politics: Institutions: Body “,organised by LOKOMOTIVA-Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture

As part of the session, the public lecture “Civil action between creativity and criminality” is organised on May 9 at 19:00
and closed workshops on topics “Macro-Sociological Changes and Global Culture” and “Macro-Sociological Changes and (Art) Institutional Shifts” on May 9 and 10, intended for a group of young professionals who are part of the program “A.P.I.B. ”
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Open call for participation in the program “Art, Politics, Institution, Body” / APIB /

Open call for participation in the program “Art, Politics, Institution, Body” / APIB /

Locomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture announces an open call for participation in the first, of this type, continuous program titled “Art, Politics, Institution, Body”.

The call is open to young professionals who want to be theoretically upgraded, in writing, analyzing as well as curating in the field of contemporary performing arts. Read More

Dance_ Policies, Diversities and spaces

Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture is pleased to invite you to a 2-day event dedicated to contemporary dance and culture, which will be held on April 25 and 26 in Kino Kultura – space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture. Lokomotiva Skopje as part of its program activities creates new opportunities for creating, developing and advocacy of professionals in the field of contemporary culture and art. Following this direction, in the frame of this event Lokomotiva will present choreographic works and works in the process of young choreographers and performers from Macedonia. Within the programme of the event, parcpants can follow presentations and discussions dedicated to the conditions for development of dance spaces and dance policies in Macedonia.
*** Special guests at the event are the representatives from EDN – European Dancehouse Network, under the program “Encounter”, organized by Kino Siska – Center for Urban Culture, European Dancehouse Network and Nomad Dance Academy. Read More

Caravan Next Skopje

„Caravan Next“ is a project that connects the artists with their local community and the citizens through a network of Theatre organizations and cultural institutions around Europe.

Following the events organized in Subotica and Mostar, European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA, in cooperation with the Theatre of Navigator Cvetko and Lokomotiva Skopje, organizes a series of cultural activities in Skopje. Within this event, several lectures, workshops and performances will be realized. The activities that will be implemented are inspired by the Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the oppressed.  Read More

“me again- but not alone” by Gisela Müller and Gebrüder Teichmann

With the performance “me again- but not alone”, starts the program “Arts, Politics, Institutions and Body” as part of the PLATFORM(a) 2018 -Program for Contemporary Performing Arts, organised by Lokomotiva – Skopje.

“me again – but not alone”

20 years are gone. The encounter with the musicians Gebrüder Teichmann brought Gisela Müller back on stage. me again – but not alone is a try out performance and an attempt to create a space of resonance where movement and sound converge. A space of exchange and of dialogue where the movement (dance) embodies sound and the sound picks up movement (dance). An interaction of tables, the dance floor and the players which might even lead to a battle. Read More


Mariana Valencia, former Critical Correspondence editor, from USA/NY that visited Lokomotiva in 2016, writes about Nomad Dance Advocates, an event of Nomad Dance Academy, organized by Stanica/ Station- service for contemporary dance in Belgrade, November 2017

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Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture as one of the Nomad Dance Academy partners, at Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade 2017


Nomad Dance Academy on 20 and 21 October 2017 organized an event Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade . This advocacy initiative has been organized in Skopje in 2012 and Sofia in 2015, and has been developed as a continuous  program for advocating for development of contemporary dance art in the region.

Nomad Dance Advocates is meant to be a gathering of artists and policy and decision makers where they can communicate and exchange experiences in a different, more direct and positive way. The idea behind this is to show the world of contemporary dance to the decision makers from a different perspective. Through the performative and less formal communication and discussions, games and art works, the representatives of ministries of culture, city administrations and other decision making bodies encounter artists, discover the world behind the stage and get a better insight into the potentialities of contemporary dance in today’s cultural space.

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Artistic Residency for Natasha Nedelkova (Skopje, Macedonia) in Trogir, Croatia organized in the frame of the project DISSONANT (CO)SPACES – Imagining new institutional models and practices 23/30 September/program MOTEL TROGIR

Aiming to approach the question of public within cultural spaces by involving artists’ perspective based on their research of the contexts and spaces related to the project, we created possibility for three artistic residencies, one in Macedonia and two in Croatia.

Macedonian, Skopje based artists Natasha Nedelkova was invited as artists in residency taking place in Croatia as part of the residency programme MOTEL TROGIR, hosted by the project partner Slobodne Veze form Zagreb, Croatia. Read More