European Lab Delphi 12 -13 October

European Lab Delphi 12 -13 October

From the 12th – 13th October was held the forum Europian Lab Delphi  in  European Cultural Centre of Delphi that our executive director and program editor Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski was invited and took participation into the forum as part of Teatroscop More

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Mariana Valencia, former Critical Correspondence editor, from USA/NY that visited Lokomotiva in 2016, writes about Nomad Dance Advocates, an event of Nomad Dance Academy, organized by Stanica/ Station- service for contemporary dance in Belgrade, November 2017

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Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture as one of the Nomad Dance Academy partners, at Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade 2017


Nomad Dance Academy on 20 and 21 October 2017 organized an event Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade . This advocacy initiative has been organized in Skopje in 2012 and Sofia in 2015, and has been developed as a continuous  program for advocating for development of contemporary dance art in the region.

Nomad Dance Advocates is meant to be a gathering of artists and policy and decision makers where they can communicate and exchange experiences in a different, more direct and positive way. The idea behind this is to show the world of contemporary dance to the decision makers from a different perspective. Through the performative and less formal communication and discussions, games and art works, the representatives of ministries of culture, city administrations and other decision making bodies encounter artists, discover the world behind the stage and get a better insight into the potentialities of contemporary dance in today’s cultural space.

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NOMAD Dance Academy SUMMER 2017 /TEACHBACK – Teaching the teachers, developing the methods of education and learning in field of contemporary performing arts (dance)/ OHRID/ Scout Centre /21-29 AUGUST 2017/

Nomad Dance Academy is back this summer, returning from its journey with fresh ideas, inspiring teachers, ancient city and contemporary dance Workshops. Nomad Summer provides space for people to learn, share knowledge, enter research processes and perform. It is about creating a community that is open, ready for dialogue and reflection.

In parallel with the workshop programme Nomad Summer developed programme slots on the themes: Education policies/Formal and Informal education (in contemporary dance); Regional model for education and research (in contemporary dance) and models of collaboration; Methodologies in teaching/Feedback, organised in the form of Presentations and Discussions. Also, the programme offers Open Space slots – open for creation “right there on the spot” content, proposed by any participant. Read More

Elena Risteska from Lokomotiva at CND CAMPING-International choreographic platform in Paris, France from 19 till 30 June 2017

Station- Service for contemporary performing arts with collaboration with Onda-  Office national de diffusion artistique (French office for contemporary performing arts circulation), offered scholarship for young choreographers, to be part of CND CAMPING – International choreographic platform in Paris, France from 19. 06 till 30. 06. 2017 Read More

International working visits and meetings of the representatives of Lokomotiva in March in Vienna, Kiev and Hamburg

Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski from 23 to 26 March was a guest of TanQuartier Vienna, where has been invited as a participant of the program of the European network for dance spaces. In a three- day program Tanurovska Kjulavkovski except the opportunity to follow performances, will be part of the discussion ENROUTE- for contemporary movements in the Balkans. Read More