After the Art Spaces and Residences Summit: some thoughts by Milica Ilic

Once again, Skopje feels so easy to comprehend. I have never spent a lot of time there and in fact, don’t know the city well. Like in many other places I’ve been to, I’m incapable of finding my way and have on my mental map only very few references of local places and faces to feel connected to. In fact, in reality, it is just one of those places that a conference or a festival brings me to for two or three days, on very rare occasions. Read More

The state of becoming by Morten Goll

Reflections on the Art spaces and Residence Summit, Kino Kultura, Skopje, December 2019

Let me start with an introduction to the events that took place in Copenhagen during the days of our summit. I hope it will be productive to share this with you since I feel that I went through a steep learning curve during those days. The summit was an eye-opener to me, but so was a pending shit storm, which was a growing threat to the survival of Trampoline House. Read More

Summit in Skopje 2019, reflections by Marijana Cvetkovic



For the occasion of the Summit that took place in November 2019 in Skopje, I presented the model of cultural and social center in Belgrade, Magacin. With the focus of the Summit on new thinking about the residency programs and what a residency could be, I wanted to stress the importance of the context in which any residency, and therefore any creative work can take place. Read More

Rethinking the idea of art residency by Violeta Kachakova

Observing the concept of residency

In contemporary world of art, the residency, as Florian Schneider[1] precisely explains “connects space and time through a subjectivity that is based on and generates a somehow paradoxical effect: a continuity of temporary presence; furthermore, it is supposed to generate outcomes that sustain, no matter how they perform; and in doing so, it prepares the ground for the possibility to affect change”. Read More

Reflection on Summit by Jan-Philipp Possman

Reflecting on the second summit in Skopje, I realize the importance of reflecting the concept of locality in the current time. I wonder whether the technical innovations around digitization (the internet, social media, the mobile computer/smart tools) or the much older phenomenon of economic globalization, cheaper travel, or a more globalized awareness and identity have influenced our current concept of locality. Read More