PUBLICATION: “CULTURAL SPACES FOR ACTIVE CITIZENS” Developing models of specific public spaces for the community

The Publication is developed in the frame of the project “Cultural Spaces for Active Citizens” organized by “Lokomotiva” – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture – Skopje in partnership with “Faculty of things that can’t be learned” (FRU) – Bitola/Skopje, and in collaboration with “Loud Textile Worker” – Shtip, “Freedom Square” – Skopje, and “Theater Navigator Cvetko” – Skopje.

By creating and implementing specific methodological approaches and activities, the project aimed to raise questions about and regarding the public space, the space in culture and art; or, more specifically, its function, practice, governance, i.e. its use by the professionals in the field of culture and the citizens. Therefore, within the timeframe of this project the partners dedicate their action towards the following four spaces: “Kino Kultura” – project space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture in Skopje, the cinema of the Railway Residential Building in Skopje, Officers’ House in Bitola, and Cultural and Artistic Center “Textile” in Shtip.  Read More

PUBLICATION: “AN UNTIMELY BOOK” – Critical practice (Made in Yugoslavia) 3

The publication An Untimely book is part of the Critical Practice (Made in Yu) programme realized as collaboration of Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, Station Service for contemporary dance, and Nomad Dance Academy in the frame of Life Long Burning project; www.nomaddanceacademy. org; nomaddanceinstitute. Read More

Publication: MODELLING PUBLIC SPACES IN CULTURE Rethinking Institutional Practices in Culture and Historical (Dis)continuities

Publication: MODELLING PUBLIC SPACES IN CULTURE Rethinking Institutional Practices in Culture and Historical (Dis)continuities

The Publication “Modeling Public Space(s) in Culture” is a continuation to the Conference Modelling Public Space(s) in Culture organised in Skopje, Kino Kultura in October 2017. The Conference aimed to offer diverse thematic overview on “public space” as a physical location creating social ties and “public sphere” as the collection of attributes contributing to the formation of public discourse. At the conference, public spaces were reviewed and discussed through two different aspects: 1/Revisionism and production of the history of culture and institution and 2/Reflection on the need for new models of public spaces in culture.  Read More

Drawing by Hristina Ivanovska/ photo of the drawing- Darko Culic



Museum of women’s stories


The publication titled “Museum of women’s stories” completes a three-year (2014/2016) art research project dealing with the historical and contemporary role of the women in the larger socio-political context in the country.

“Museum of women’s stories” is published by Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture Skopje under the Decentralized cooperation programme between the Lower Normandy Region – France and the Republic of Macedonia. Read More


click here to download the publication Dance Theories reloaded – TkH no. 18, published by TkH (Walking Theory)-Center for Performing Arts Theory and Practice Belgrade in collaboration with the Nomad Dance Academy


click here to download the publication Decentralisation in Culture in the Republic of Macedonia and the Region Lower Normandy (France) published by Lokomotiva (MK) in the frame of Programme for Decentralised Cooperation between the Region Lower Normandy and the Republic of Macedonia. The publication is in Macedonian language.