PUBLICATION: “CULTURAL SPACES FOR ACTIVE CITIZENS” Developing models of specific public spaces for the community

The Publication is developed in the frame of the project “Cultural Spaces for Active Citizens” organized by “Lokomotiva” – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture – Skopje in partnership with “Faculty of things that can’t be learned” (FRU) – Bitola/Skopje, and in collaboration with “Loud Textile Worker” – Shtip, “Freedom Square” – Skopje, and “Theater Navigator Cvetko” – Skopje.

By creating and implementing specific methodological approaches and activities, the project aimed to raise questions about and regarding the public space, the space in culture and art; or, more specifically, its function, practice, governance, i.e. its use by the professionals in the field of culture and the citizens. Therefore, within the timeframe of this project the partners dedicate their action towards the following four spaces: “Kino Kultura” – project space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture in Skopje, the cinema of the Railway Residential Building in Skopje, Officers’ House in Bitola, and Cultural and Artistic Center “Textile” in Shtip.  Read More

Activities for/from civil sector, organized in Kino Kultura

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Во периодот мај – декември 2017 во рамки на програмската линија на Кино Култура- „Слободна сцена“, како дел од проектот „Културни простори за активни граѓани“ се реализираа 70 настани – соработки од различен карактер: театарски претстави, образовни, резиденцијални и продукциски активности во областа на современиот танц и перформанс, книжевни фестивали и промоции, концерти, конференции, дебати, уметнички истражувања, промоции, публикации, филмски фестивали, програми за деца и лица со посебни потреби, програми за актуeлизација на родовите и ЛГБТ прашања преку културно-уметничка пракса итн.

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Lecture by Chiara Bonfiglioli (Italy) on “Red Strings: Structure of the Feeling of Textile Workers after Yugoslavia” and Presentation of the strategic plan of the K.U.C Textile Stip

On Saturday, July 7, 2018 in KUC TEKSTIL – SHTIP will be organized an event in which the textile workers and the work of KUC Textil from Stip will be discussed.
The event will start at 18:00 in the premises of KUC Textile and will unite 2 segments:
1. Lecture by Chiara Bonfiglioli (Italy) on “Red Strings: Structure of the Feeling of Textile Workers after Yugoslavia” and
2. Presentation of the strategic plan of the KUC Textile made by the association of citizens Glasen Tekstilec from Stip under the mentorship of Ivan Toromanovski. The Strategic Plan will be presented by Christina and Denis Ampevi. Read More



Railway Residential Building, Skopje
str. Borka Taleski 26
June 23 (Saturday)/ 11:00

space, use, community

The use of a certain space for culture as one sublimated term involves consideration of ideas and possible scenarios for physical and program editing, as well as possible uses for the wider community. The cinema hall in the Railway building, besides other possibilities, can also function as a space for community ()tenants of the Railway building ), but also as a space for creating cultural and artistic content developed in cooperation with local artists and organizations active in the filed of culture and art.

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PROMOТION of the Publication: MODELLING PUBLIC SPACES IN CULTURE Rethinking Institutional Practices in Culture and Historical (Dis)continuities

PROMOТION of the Publication: MODELLING PUBLIC SPACES IN CULTURE Rethinking Institutional Practices in Culture and Historical (Dis)continuities

The promotion will be organized in a form of public presentation and open discussion held in Kino Kultura this Thursday, MAY 10 at 19:00

The event will gather several authors of texts in the publication: Pascal Gielen (Brussels – Belgium), Goran Janev, Ivana Vaseva, Ivana Dragsikj, Yane Chalovaki (Skopje – Macedonia).
The presentation and open discussion will be moderated by Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski and Violeta Kachakova (editors and authors of text in the publication), representatives of Lokomotiva – Skopje (publisher of the publication) Read More

Moderated working meeting in Bitola- 14,15 April 2018

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Долгорочно планирање и одржливост на проектот со фокус на доглорочен развој на моделот за „Кино Култура“.

Модерирана работна средба со учество на партнери и соработници на проектот „Културни простори за активни граѓани“, во организација на Локомотива- Центар за Нови Иницијативи во Уметноста и Културана, ФРУ- Факултет за работи што не се учат и Театар на Навигаторот Цветко.

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Conference> Modelling Public Space(s) in Culture, Skopje, 12-14 October 2017

The Conference Modelling Public Spaces in Culture is one of the activities of The Dissonant (Co)Spaces project, aiming to offer diverse thematic overview on “the public space” as a physical location that creates social ties and “the public sphere” as the collection of attributes contributing to the formation of public discourse.

At the conference, public spaces will be reviewed and discussed through two different aspects:

  1. Revisionism and production of the history of culture and institution. In this thematic focus we will mostly engage in the modernist heritage from former Yugoslavia, critically examining the term “dissonant heritage”, and its usage in the contemporary context of culture. Another focal point is the development history of the institution in former Yugoslavia.
  2.  Organizational and institutional innovative approaches in governing and modelling institutions, or proposing new models of public spaces as new models of institutions. We will try to examine diverse approaches such as commons, participation and usership in modelling the new public spaces.

These thematic focuses will be developed in thematic modes of presentation, interviews, lectures, discussions etc.


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Кога зградите би зборувале- перформативно истражувачки проект

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01.10.2017/ 02.10.2017
Перформативно – истражувачки проект со специјален настап на „ДЕЈВИ Д’ БОУВИ + ПАДНАТИТЕ ОД МАРС“
Автор: Филип Јовановски
Кураторка: Ивана Васева
Истражувач и ко-автор на сценарио: Дејан Ивановски
Креативен тим:
Актери: Кристина Леловац, Ивана Павлаковиќ, Јасмина Василева, Тамара Ристоска, Благој Веселинов
Видео продукција: Илија Тирицовски
Учествуваат: Станарите од Железничка зграда (Слободан Кочевиќ, Иван Џијановски и Томе Каревски)
Продукција: Оливер Мусовиќ
Камера: Александар Котевски
Дрон: Стојанче Цавировски
Монтажа и дизајн на звук: Сашко Потер Мицевски

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