Caravan Next Skopje

„Caravan Next“ is a project that connects the artists with their local community and the citizens through a network of Theatre organizations and cultural institutions around Europe.

Following the events organized in Subotica and Mostar, European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA, in cooperation with the Theatre of Navigator Cvetko and Lokomotiva Skopje, organizes a series of cultural activities in Skopje. Within this event, several lectures, workshops and performances will be realized. The activities that will be implemented are inspired by the Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the oppressed. 
The three forms of the Theatre of the oppressed will be presented in order to touch on the daily lives of the citizens, where a clear barrier between the oppressor and the oppressed exists and in that way to “provide” the affected groups in the society with tools to fight.

The programme foresees workshops and performances which will be presented as Forum theatre, Invisible theatre and Image theatre to be realized from 14th to 18th March in Kino Kultura- project_space for contemporry performing arts and contemporary culture in Skopje.

The following activities are open to the wide public:

14 March

18:00-19:30 – Lecture by prof. Zoja Buzalkovska (Kino Kultura)
Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the oppressed”, introductory lecture by prof. Zoja Buzalkovska, professor of Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, theatre director and journalist.

17 March

19:00 – 20:30 – Lecture by prof. Rita Maria Fabris (Kino Kultura)
Lecture by prof. Rita Maria Fabris from the University of Torino in Italy on the topic “Social Community Theatre and Dance: the Turin avant-garde experience”.

18 March

18:00 – 20:00 – Forum theatre (Kino Kultura)
Forum theatre, theatrical game where the problem is presented in an unsolved form, inviting the “spect-actors” to suggest and come up with solutions. The problem is always a symptom of oppression and usually includes a visible oppressor and a protagonist who is oppressed. The game is a form of contest between the spect-actors who are trying to give a different ending of the play.