„Autonomy to Dance“ Promotion :: Presentation :: Workshop

Presentation and promotion of the specialized journal for performing arts “Maska” edition „Autonomy to Dance“ in Ljubljana and a workshop on ” How to research artistic practices or performing arts in Yugoslav context during the long 20th Century”.

Within the frames of the program „Art :: Politics :: Institution :: Body“ of  LOKOMOTIVA – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture from Skopje in Kino Kultura.

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// 07.12.2018 – FRIDAY // 19:00

Presentation and promotion of a journal for performing arts “Maska” http://www.maska.si/  edition   “Autonomy to Dance “.

Rok Vevar – theoretician for contemporary dance from Ljubljana,

Jasmina Zalozhnik – Theoretician and dramaturg for contemporary dance from Ljubljana,

Slavcho Dimitrov and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovkovski – cultural workers and authors of the text in the edition and

Andreja Kopach – Editor-in-Chief of the magazine from Ljubljana.

Special thematic issue of Maska Autonomy to dance: Case studies of contemporary practices in the former Yugoslavian was published in cooperation with the Nomad Dance Institute (NDI), the research program of the balkan dance network Nomad Dance Academy (NDA), which has been operating since 2013 and includes 28 active participants. In the desire to “create our own contemporary archive where it doesn’t exist yet,” the Maska issue contains an in-depth re-contextualized insight into the state of the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In spite of the different starting points of archiving and historiography, and the ways and style of writing, it is common to all the contributions to include the historical and contextual record of the process, how contemporary dance was actually “liberated” either from the field of theater, ballet, institution or society, and became a unique artistic genre, but in the same time, an integral part of the broader social movements and changes brought by the sixties, eighties or nineties of the previous century. Extensive articles (as pioneering works) reveal the contexts of Macedonia (Slavcho Dimitrov & Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski), Serbia (Milica Ivic & Igor Koruga), Slovenia (Rok Vevar & Jasmina Zaloznik) and Croatia (Ivana Ivkovic, Iva Nerina Sibila, Katja Simunic ).


// 08.12.2018 – SATURDAY // 12: 00-16: 00

Workshop „How to research artistic practices or performing arts in Yugoslav context during the long 20th Century“

By Rok Vevar -– Theoretician for contemporary dance from Ljubljana,

Jasmina Zalozhnik – Theoretician and dramaturg for contemporary dance from Ljubljana.

1st part: presentation of Rok Vevar’s book Day, Night + Man = Rhythm: Anthology of Slovene Contemporary Dance Criticism 1918 – 1960 (2018)

Vevar will present the reader of reviews, theoretical articles and historicizations, avant-garde manifestoes and writings, as well journalistic and critical examinations of theatre dance and modern choreography in Slovenia from 1918 to 1960.

The period covered by the book is marked by a relatively inclusive, open and fluid cultural environment in which the art of dance was a focus of public interest without any significant genre divisions (e.g., between modern dance and ballet), stage dance in general was a field of considerable innovation, and the cultural institution of ballet was seen as a space for presenting high-quality dance art with diverse origins (such as modern and classical ballet, modern dance, rhythmics, Ausdruckstanz, meloplastic, plastic ballet and dance, abstract dance, contemporary dance, as defined by Ferdo Delak under Laban’s influence, and thus theatrical dance that transforms different narrative elements into a specific choreographic medium).

Participants will get to know better the context, the extensive interest on the body and dance, theoretical attempts and historicizations from the mid-1920s on, the basic aesthetic paradigms of stage dance; position of women writers and dancers and their male colleagues, meaning of dance during the war time, transformation of ballet and further development of contemporary dance etc.

2nd part: Zalozhnik’s extraction PhD thesis on alternative performative practices as new art practices in Ljubljana, Belgrade and Novi Sad after 1965

Zalozhnik will present some of basic tools and examples through which she has analyses and study the performative art practices (performance, theatre practices, dance, black-wave cinema etc.) in Yugoslavia with exposing shifts in perspective in creation of these artistic disciplines. Participants will get to know better specificities of practices in the Yugoslav context, tactics and strategies that were employed by progressive artists and other intellectuals in struggle for the change of social order.

3rd part: Vevar, Zalozhnik – presenting methodological approach and key questions, line-up, orientation, focus and procedures in material analyses

Vevar and Zalozhnik will present their way of working and developing of the methodology of researching and studying historical materials, exposing difficulties and excitements that surprised researchers during their process.

Free entry.

For participation in the workshops please announced at contact@lokomotiva.org.mk.