Artistic residency of Fleur Helluin, visual artists from Lower Normandy

Inspired by the Bronze Age archaeo-astronomical observatory in Kokino in Macedonia, Fleur Helluin had one-month residency in Macedonia in 2013, working on this site. By connecting with the observatory space, Fleur Helluin in her work was focused on the pure forms and atmosphere of this space.

This was her inspiration for creating series of drawings made of charcoal and mica drawings, stone-dust collected from the area surrounding the observatory. Lokomotiva has connected Fleur Helluin with the Macedonian curator Elena Veljanovska, and they started working together on the concept for the exhibition of drawings inspired by the bservatory. The French Institute in Paris financially supported the residency.

In 2014, Fleur Helluinhad exhibited her work in OSTEN Gallery in Skopje, titled “ЗА КАМЕНОТ”
In 2014 she enters in collaboration with the Macedonian contmeporay visual artis Yane Chalovski and Hristina Ivanoska. Curated by Elena Veljanovska in 2015, the three visual artists had a joint exibition: “Obesrvation: Light” presented in Caen, Lower Normandy in the Abbaye aux Dames.