Artistic Residency for Danilo Prnjat (Belgrade, Serbia) in Skopje – Kino Kultura organized in the frame of the project DISSONANT (CO)SPACES – Imagining new institutional models and practices 19/29 September/Skopje/Kino Kultura

Aiming to approach the question of public within cultural spaces by involving artists’ perspective based on their research of the contexts and spaces related to the project, we created possibility for three artistic residencies, one in Macedonia and two in Croatia.

Danilo Prnjat – artist from Belgrade, Serbia –  was invited as artists in residency taking place in Skopje – Kino Kultura, hosted by Lokomotiva – Skopje.

Danilo Prnjat is an artist who bases his artistic and critical work on criticality of the institution of culture. During his ten-day residency in Skopje, he was invited to explore the institutional structure of the city. His focus will be on the process of transformation of cultural institutions, relations between state/city cultural institutions and institutions of “independent” scene, the overlaps that with the current political changes in Macedonia become more apparent and proposing the draft of one potential critical reflection of these processes.

During the residency Danilo Prnjat as part of his research will have meetings with representatives of local/municipal cultural institution and independent cultural sector, such as: Faculty of things that cannot be learned, Freedom Square, JADRO, socio-cultural center Dunja, Youth Cultural Centre, Houses of Culture – Kocho Racin, Pioneer hose Karposh, Houses of Culture Gjorce Petrov, Houses of Culture Ilinden etc.

Danilo Prnjat (1982.) is an Montenegro born artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. Currently he is doing a PhD in Communication and Media/Art and Critical Thought (4th year) at European Graduate School (EGS), Saas-Fee, Switzerland. He have been taking a part at numerous art exhibition, art conferences and talks about art. He have realized variety of (art) projects and workshops which are researching the politics of participatory practice and collective work. In his work he is trying to overcome the existing boundaries of art and relation between art and social reality. For more information, see: His texts based on a critique of liberal culture are mostly published at web portal DeMaterijalisation of Art (