About Us


Lokomotiva is a centre that acts as a platform for development of contemporary arts and culture in order to achieve progressive socio-cultural change in the community.


Lokomotiva is civil society organization that develops and creates working conditions for development, research, production and presentation of the work of professionals in the field of contemporary arts and culture.

Lokomotiva achieves this by generating new models of collaboration, advocacy in creation of developmental cultural policies on local, regional and international level, discursive, residency modes, as well as development of needed capacities in the community.

In its work the organization respects the principles of openness and access to information, transparency in work; continual internal (through team meetings) and external (through websites, social networks and media) communication; accountability for the work done by preparing annual narrative and financial reports; mutual respect and respect of fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens and all cultural, religious and gender communities; promotion and support of the cooperation with institutional and civil sector in the country and abroad.

In 2017 Lokomotiva reshapes its program directions, as well as the main goal and specific objectives for the period of 2017-2020.

The main goal of Lokomotiva is to democratize and develop the public space through contemporary art and culture and to influence public policies development. Lokomotiva will achieve this though collaboration, production, reflection, creation of new models of cultural spaces and better working conditions in collaboration with the partners and larger civil sector.


Specific objective 1 – To develop new opportunities for creativity, development and action of professionals in the field of contemporary art and culture

Specific objective 2 – To create conditions for collaboration, critical reflection, analysis and connection of the contemporary performing arts with social- political context and to enable interaction with citizens and constituents

Specific objective 3 – To influence public policies through culture and networking with other organizations

Specific objective 4 – To increase the visibility of the role and importance of contemporary culture for social development.