Program Skopje Kreativa 2019



program | 31 may – 2 june 2019 | KINO KULTURA and Youth Cultural Centre (YCC)




FRIDAY | 31.05.2019 | KINO KULTURA

20.00 Festival opening


Remix the Cultural Reality

Exhibition of redesigns of posters of Macedonian films, music albums and book covers | Macedonia Street

Branding a Green Skopje | Design Program | KINO KULTURA, foyer

Promotional products with graphic design solutions on the topic of “Green Skopje” by Macedonian designers and illustrators


Music Program | big hall KINO KULTURA

21.00 Dunja Ivanova – Green on the Air for a Green Skopje | Audio-visual installation

22.00 Robotek – RE:Cycled | Live act, album promotion



12.00-19.00 Eco-sphere | Pop-up store for design, books and music editions by Macedonian authors and publishers/record labels


SATURDAY | 01.06.2019 | YCC

Children’s program | YCC children’s creative center

10.00-12.30Young and Green” with Veternica (Windmill) Collective

13.00-15.30We Write, Draw, Travel: We Want a Green Skopje” with Biljana Crvenkovska

11.00-16.00The Lost Feather” with Mare Trajkovska and Karolina Nikolova

14.00-16.00 Creative face-paint drawing: “Butterfly”


16.00-21.00 Exhibition of new prototype products and services in the area of the creative industries supported within the festival | Design Program | YCC hall and ground-floor foyer of Cinema Frosina

19.00 Official opening and presentation of the authors


Ecologies of the City | Architecture Program | YCC park

19.00-19.30 Opening of the architectonic body which strengthens the capacities and the synergies of the YCC park.

19.30-20.30 Lecture by Nicola Russi, Italia, Presentation of the “Climate Agents”

21.00-22.00 The Beautiful City? – films by Faculty of Drama Arts students Skopje at the YCC park


Theater | YCC Cinema Frosina

20.00-21.00 “How to Make a Human”, directed by: Hana Milenkovska, production: Theater Navigator Cvetko

Music Program | YCC first-floor foyer, Cinema Frosina

23.00 Afriqua a.k.a. Adam Longman Parker from Berlin; local support Mirko Popov


SUNDAY | 02.06.2019

12.00-13.00 Beautification of the City | Design Program | Yard of the National Student Center “Skopje”



11.30-13.00 Morning Cinema | Film Program | big hall KINO KULTURA

Films from the Archive of “Vardar Film”, 1948 – 1986


Redefine Your Reality | big hall KINO KULTURA

14.00-18.30 Presentations and workshops on innovation, connecting creativity with technology, internet-technology and activism


20.00-21.30 Cinema under the stars | Film Program | park KINO KULTURA

Films from the archive of “Vardar Film”, 1948-1986, second part.


Music Program | Festival Closing Night | big hall KINO KULTURA

22.00 Echo of the distant past | DJ-set by HyperTech and Nenad Stefanovski – Bruce


* Free entrance for all the festival events




The eight edition of the Festival for Development of Creative Industries Skopje Kreativa 2019 is under the motto of “Green Skopje” which symbolically contains the idea of ecological awareness as a culture of living. Through the festival and its program, our goal is to engage the creative potential towards creating a better relationship between humans and the environment. To us, ecology is a dynamic category of mutually conditioned ecological, social and cultural processes in the day-to-day life. Therefore, terms such as public space, means of communication, nature preservation, rationalization of resources, recycling… are embedded in the idea and program concept of Skopje Kreativa 2019.

Environment and culture change through human creativity, which is also the central characteristic of the cultural and creative industries, and more recently of the content-based industries or copyright industries. Human creativity enables creation with an economic and social value. In this context, apart from the cultural and artistic creation, as a creation of high aesthetic value and expression of the original human spirit, we also take into account the other types of creation, such as the scientific or technological creation.


In relation to Skopje and its potential for development as a creative city, it would assume encouraging the creative and innovative capital of the citizens for the purpose of creating an oeuvre that would contribute to the societal and economic development of the city. One of the important characteristics that can often be neglected in the context of the creative industries is the societal component, which not only does imply the creation of economic value, but also a creation of a broader social value that would enable improvement of the citizens’ quality of life. Therefore, what we have set as a goal within the program of the “Skopje Kreativa 2019” Festival, is to boost the domestic creativity, which will be conceptualized, developed and effectuated by means of collaboration with domestic and international partners, through various activities that would be conducive to a better quality of life in the city for all its citizens.

The festival program was developed through an interdisciplinary approach where the creative capital and knowledge from the artistic and cultural sector intersects with the new media sector, the IT-industry, graphic and industrial design and fashion. At the same time, the program covers an educational, production and presentation format and content from the broad scope of the creative industries, attractive for the citizens of various ages and diverse cultural communities.

The main concept of the festival program was developed by Lokomotiva’s editorial team, while certain program lines were created in collaboration with guest-editors, professionals in the areas of design, architecture, music and cinema. The Design Program consists of the sections “Support and promotion of prototype products and services in the area of the creative industries”, “Branding a Green Skopje” and “Beautification of the City”. The Architecture Program is devoted to the “Ecologies of the City” and transformation of the public spaces. The Music Program promotes the concepts of recycling and “green” by releasing new music and promoting quality music authors and DJs with a selection of contemporary music and music from our more recent and more distant past. The Film Program through “Morning Cinema” and “Cinema under the Stars” will show us an interesting assortment of documentaries, advertisements and travelogues from the archives of Vardar Film. In addition, “Skopje Kreativa 2019” will offer creative workshops for children, theater, “Remix the Cultural Reality” or an exhibition of redesigned posters of Macedonian films, music albums and book covers, “Redefine your Reality”, or presentations of innovations where creativity and technology, internet-technology and activisms intersect, and “Eco-Sphere” or a pop-up store for design, books and music releases by domestic authors and performers. The program also consists of cooperation with professionals from various creative sectors, including artists and cultural workers, civil associations, local and independent cultural institutions, formal and informal groups of citizens and initiatives, faculties, professors, students, the Fund for Innovations, representatives of the business-sector and independent entrepreneurs.


We’re expecting you at “Skopje Kreativa 2019”, so that we can jointly trace the way to a “Green Skopje”!

Violeta Kachakova, Festival Director and Program Editor and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Festival Program Editor



Violeta Kachakova

Festival Director and Program Editor

Violeta Kachakova is a manager in culture and cultural worker from Skopje. She is part of the program and managerial team of NGO “Locomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Art and Culture” and “Kino Kultura” – project space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture. She actively works in the areas of research and development of cultural policies, new models of public cultural institutions and advocacy for workers’ rights of cultural workers. She is part of the team of “Skopje – European Capital of Culture 2028”.

She believes that the creative sector with a developed sense of social responsibility is the driving force behind the development of a society.


Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski

Festival Program Editor

Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski is manager in art and culture and curator, co-founder of “Lokomotiva” – Center for New Initiatives in Art and Culture, “Kino Kultura – project space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture and the “Nomad Dance Academy. She works as a lecturer, researcher and consultant. She has authored texts, co-edited magazines, publications and books. She obtained her PhD at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.


Jana Acevska

Design Program Editor

Jana Acevska is a designer. She actively works in the area of graphic design, product design and jewelry design. She has 25 years of experience as a creative and artistic director in several marketing agencies. In 2010 she founded the Design Studio KAPKA. She also works as a curator and mentor of design workshops.


Dejan Ivanovski, Maksim Naumovski and Igor Vecovski

Editors of the Architecture Program

Dejan Ivanovski was the national representative at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008, 2010 and 2018. As of 2009 he has managed the architectural studio “Arhitektri” in Skopje.

Maksim Naumovski is a doctoral candidate at the Technical University in Vienna, at the Institute of Urbanism, and as a member of the LATA Collective he has worked on a number of architectural projects and research studies.

Igor Vecovski works in academia, and has other professional experiences in film and theatre production, management and marketing in culture and art, the creative industries and marketing.


Mirko Popov

Music Program Editor

He has devoted his entire life and complete professional interest to music: he is a composer, producer, lyricist, DJ, event organizer, publisher and director of the independent record label PMG Recordings, with over 170 releases of contemporary Macedonian music.


Pavle Ignovski

Film Program Editor

Has shown particular interest and success as a producer in the area of culture, with an exemplary conduct and an impeccable attendance record. He has worked, works and will work in the theater – both the independent and institutional one, on films – both feature and documentaries, live events – concerts, book launches, commemorations, opening nights, congresses, etc.; festivals – theater, film, music, book, children’s festivals etc. And he does solemnly swear that he will do his best for “MakeDox” and “Kino Kultura” to continue leaving their mark on the urban cultural life in Skopje…



Elena Risteska and Evdokia Nikolova-Liere Festival Program Coordinators

Elena Risteska uses research, analysis and reflection as the three tools connecting the innovative draft-solutions of Skopje Kreativa 2019 with the community at large. As a coordinator she makes sure the innovative solutions correspond to the real space, and the festival social promotion platform.

Evdokia Nikolova-Liere lives in Skopje and Bohn and works in the area of art and culture, as an event coordinator, communications specialist, project organizer and photographer. She likes channeling her creativity, passion for work with people and the experience acquired through the years, by working on a variety of art projects, such as “Skopje Kreativa”, which are a significant contribution to the Macedonian cultural scene.


Angela Petrovska

Festival Program Assistant-Coordinator She believes that by working in and raising the level of culture we are elevating and improving society. “Skopje Kreativa 2019” is part of our mirror toward a better society.


Denica Bojarovska

PR and marketing-manager

PR and marketing-manager, creator of creative content and communication concepts for digital PR, with a rich experience in the organization of promotional events. She has good knowledge of the media space, and has participated in a number of media projects, as well as the production of several audio-visual pieces.


Gjurgica Hristovska


A huge fan and friend of children and young people. A great proponent of creating a cleaner and greener environment for a carefree childhood and proper development of children and youth; in fact, a champion for a more beautiful and cleaner environment which is something that our planet Earth deserves, and we do too.



A public space EXHIBITION of re-designs of posters of Macedonian films, music albums and book covers by Macedonian authors, made as part of the public call “Re-mix Your Cultural Reality”

| Macedonia Street, 31 May – 02 June |


Authors of the re-designs that will be presented within the exhibition: Darko Dojchinovski, Ivana Temelkoska, Julijana Rosoklija, Milan Krstevski, Vili Stoilova, Vladimir Trajanovski, Aleksandar Josifovski, Angelina Kichukova, Bisera Mihajlovska, Dimitar Grchev, Maja Atanasoska, Marko Janev & Petar Dzajkovski, Nora Nikoloska and Kaliopi Ilievska.


Collaboration with Axioma – Association for Cultural Cooperation and Research. Axioma is an association of enthusiasts which promotes the remix-culture and the interactive arts, attempting to intersect them with the social developments in our country, as well as the social movements in the world.



The design program is developed and implemented through three sections: “Support and promotion of new prototype-products and services in the area of the creative industries”, “Branding a Green Skopje” and “Beautification of the City”.

The program sections for support and promotion of new prototype-products and services in the area of the creative industries was implemented through an open call for submission of draft-projects. The commission that reviewed the projects submitted at the open call consisted of Jana Acevska, a professional in the area of graphic design, product design and jewelry design; Darko Hristov, founder and owner of the local carpentry enterprise offering wood products with a contemporary design MONOZERO, and Ladislav Cvetkovski, Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, and a graphic designer.


EXHIBITION of new prototype products and services in the area of the creative industries supported within the festival

| YCC hall and ground-floor foyer Frosina, 1 June, 16.00 – 21.00 |


Celebrate life – Start from Yourself | Goran Kostovski – Ind.og

By using the concept of Celebrate Life, the project aims to raise the citizens’ awareness about the problems arising from the use of plastics and influence the creation of a critical mass of citizens who would take on the concept of using cloth, instead of plastic bags themselves. Within the project, 6 pieces of branded garments, hoodies, and bags will be made from recycled materials.


Miabotanica – Led-lights | Borjana Naseva

The “Miabotanica” project is based on long-standing research done by scientific and pediatric institutions treating the basic senses of newborns, starting from the neonatal period, all the way to the second year. It is from this, that the idea of building large LED-lights which project colours and forms on a white background emerged, filling the entire nursery with intensive contrasts which have a stimulating effect on children from a very early age.

Examples – BOSH – comic-making workshop | Art equilibrium

A two-day prototype comic-making workshop. “At the scene” we cut, paste, edit, print, copy and staple, create new and old examples together with Radovan Popovikj, Bruno Tolikj and Aleksandar Opachilk, in Macedonian.

Jokes in comics, comic strips, latent jokes and high art, short and voluptuous stories, ambivalence as such, a critique of the town that’s falling apart, minimalist approach to complex subjects, relationships, dramatic changes, identities, pain, trauma, healing through laughter and joke, through transparency and full openness. Examples is one of those comic books that last forever.


The Ghost of the Old City House | Iva Petrunova, Association for City Exploration “Gradot Ubav”

“The Ghost of the Skopje City House” recognizes the qualities of the townhouses and their reinterpretation by setting up an exhibition of the facades of five houses from the old urban tissue (Madzir Maalo/Madzir Neighborhood). That way, this architecture in extinction could come closer to the citizens, so that they could understand its value. Simultaneously, the question arises about the direction that today’s residential architecture has taken.


Petrified nature | Andrej Mitevski

Making a marble table with dimensions 120x80x2, where floral elements in shallow relief will be presented. The table will be made of white marble, which is in fact a recycled material that has been discarded as waste. Through my work, this waste turns into art, and has a practical use as a dining table.


Water and Stone | Aleksandar Naumoski

Stone is a living matter and transforms slowly, but continuously. Only those who approach it with patience and a great passion can capture its changeability and fully interpret it. “Water and Stone” is an intellectual and emotional experience from the initial idea for selection of the material, to its realization. The material is quartz, found on the slopes of Mount Skopska Crna Gora, an exceptionally hard stone, but of a very interesting, transparent structure which I believe would give this sink exceptional beauty.


We’re drawing a Comic-Book “Skopje, You Will Be Green Again” | Tome Trajkov – Comic-book Center of Macedonia, Veles

A two-day practical comic-book workshop where 10 children from two primary schools from Skopje will participate and develop their skills to work on socially-engaged topics. At least 10 comic books of at least 2 pages on the topic of ecology in a broader context will be created at the workshop. The editions of the Comic-Book Center of Macedonia will also be presented at the exhibition, along with a catalogue of their artwork.


How to Design a Change? | Private Print

“How to Design a Change” consists of designing a book-object, graphically shaped around the popular “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth”, by the Canadian designer and educator Bruce Mau. The manifesto consists of 43 points which summarize Mau’s experience and knowledge of the design process and the role of the designer in the community he/she lives in. The design process and the making of the book show the knowledge written in the manifesto in practice.


Documenting techniques of traditional wool-dyeing | Maja Minoska-Pavlovska

The dye heritage. The project explores and documents the traditional methods of dyeing fabrics with natural pigments, in the authentic way practiced by generations of craftspeople living in this area. We map the procedures and techniques of dyeing as a heritage for the future generations and as a basis for their direct application in the contemporary creative industries. By increasing the capacities of the creative workshops with new skills and methods, we contribute to the creation of a sustainable concept for the development of the creative economies, equally responsible for the past, present and future.


Platform for audiobooks in Macedonian | Hristijan Pop Simonov, Fluctus

“Samoglas” is an online audio-platform launching books in Macedonian. When saying audio-platform we mean a web-application accessing an audio-library, which offers a new model of presenting cultural content in our country. The emergence of this platform will provide easier access to content that could enrich the individual development of youth in a broader sense, and more specifically people with dyslexia and visual impairment, who would have the greatest benefit.


Recycled marketing | Vladimir Ristovski

The idea behind this project is to examine the possible ways of reusing materials from already used up advertisement posters. In the quest for an adequate product, the emphasis is placed on the increase in the cycling population, i.e. making a product for them – a bicycle bag. The goal of the project is to activate the creative way of using the remaining waste materials and give an indirect boost to bicycle traffic by designing unique accessories for each city bike.


Eco-straws | Jasmina Glavinche, WIZART

Every day in the world around 500 million plastic drinking straws are produced and then used for only a few minutes. They do not decompose, and cannot be recycled and more often than not end up in the oceans where they are a real threat to the marine life. The straws made by dough or inox are an excellent ecological alternative to the plastic ones. Part of the packaging is made from recycled paper which contains seeds within. The paper needs to be planted, and the plants will spring up. For a cleaner and greener city, let’s say NO to single use plastics!


Eggshell-Hatched | Gligor Kuzmanovski

Eggshell-hatched is a new story in creation. It is a jewelry collection which is completely made of waste materials combined with natural materials, which would be launched at the Skopje Kreativa Festival. Trying to emphasize the fragility of today’s world, and at the same time provoking awareness among any of us, I decided to go for an experimental collection made of paper and eggshells. Each of the pieces look so fragile, as if they’re going to break from a simple touch. But exactly this touch makes you feel the firmness and lightness that the EGSHELL-HATCHED collection conveys.


ReTex-Archisegment  | Ekaterina Namicheva, Aleksandra Jovanovska

ReTex-Archisegment was inspired by the Skopje palaces from the beginning of the 20th century and the recycling of denim from second hand pieces of clothing. The goal is to develop the ecological awareness, i.e. the durability and use of denim as one of the textile fabrics obtained through a technological process which pollutes the environment. Within the project, 6 pieces of designer clothes will be made from recycled denim.


Building the road to a green city | Jasmina Pislevikj

By emphasizing the effect of mutual interaction, Lebe Global – Global living is an educational board game which in a fun way contributes to raising the awareness about the individual effect of the creation of the CO2 emissions and the sustainable way of living, as well as their effect on the global coexistence. The purpose of the game is to provide the children aged 12 to 17 with an alternative means of education in environment protection.


Branding a “Green Skopje”

| Foyer of Kino Kultura, 31 May – 02 June |


For the purpose of broader actualization of the festival motto and the awareness about the ecology of the city as a culture of living, this program offers graphic design solutions on the topic of “Green Skopje” made by Macedonian designers and illustrators [Zoran Kardula, Nemanja Trajkovikj, Davor Keshkjec, Emilija Desanovska and Marina Razmoska] which are placed on various creative products of utilitarian character.


Beautification of the City

| National Student Centre “Skopje”, 2 June 12.00 – 13.00 |


“Beautification of the City” is a section of the design program of the Festival for Development of the Creative Industries “Skopje Kreativa 2019”. In the spirit of the festival motto “Green Skopje” this section has the purpose to contribute to the remodeling of forgotten/forlorn parts of the city. The location selected for “beautification” is the yard of the National Student Centre “Skopje”, which is located in the center of the City of Skopje. The “beautification” or enhancing is a process of visual improvement in a given city, in parts of the city, or in a certain urban environment. The process most often consists of horticultural design, as well as planting of trees, shrubs and/or other greenery, and often involves installation of urban equipment.

The program is conducted under the mentorship of Divna Penchikj, Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Forestry and Nikola Gjorgievski – Architect, MA in Landscape Architecture; and is coordinated by Jana Acevska, the Editor of the Design Program. The designing of the yard area of the National Student Centre “Skopje” will be carried out on the basis of a project developed during a workshop with 20 students from the Faculties of Architecture and Forestry, held in May, at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje. Partners in the realization of the program section “Beautification of the City” are the Faculties of Architecture and Forestry at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, PE “Parkovi i zelenilo” and the National Student Centre “Skopje”.




| YCC park, 1 June |

| 19.00-19.30 Opening the architectonic body which strengthens the capacities and the synergies of the place – the park of the Youth Cultural Center |


The architecture section of the “Skopje Kreativa 2019” Festival has the goal to reflect on the term ecology through a series of discussions, lectures, workshops and simulations. The topic of ecology is addressed as a broader project that takes into consideration the mutual relationship between ecology and urbanization on many levels – urban and natural actors and their relations to the physical context as a networked whole of heterogeneous entities. The three ecologies (social, environmental and mental) as set by Felix Guattari constitute tools, models and sensibilities of the city context. These elements will be simulated at a specific space – the YCC Park, by tracing the capacities of the location, and creating a background for their strengthening and synergy. The potentials of the YCC part will be explored in the form of a workshop through a program-production and urban-architectonic elaboration and will be explicitly presented in the shape of a body, i.e. a structure that will have a formal language corresponding to the context. This body should be a generator of expected and unexpected processes in relation to the Youth Cultural Centre, as well as completely autonomous events.

This topic poses a special challenge at a time when the notions of “ecology” and “city” and extremely simplified in the day-to-day discourse. It is exactly the mutual relation between the society we live in and the eco-system that we inhabit, as three different parameters of ecology which are connected through a series of processes, that lays the foundation of how build buildings and cities.

The program is realized in collaboration with the students from the Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” University from Skopje — the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and the Faculty of Architecture and the American College University, Skopje, the Faculty of Architecture.


| YCC park, 1 June |

| 19.30 – 20.30 Nicola Russi lecture on ‘Agenti Climatici’ |

/in collaboration with YCC/


Nicola Russi, founder of Laboratorio Permanente, is associate professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at Politecnico di Torino from 2016 and member of the Executive Board of ANCSA, National Association оf Historical and Artistic Centers. His principal fields of research are focused on the areas of Urban design and Architecture by investigating strategies of regeneration and contextual design. Recent international activities include the first prize at Concorso Farini competition (2019), the participation at the 14th and 16th Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition, the Honour Mention for the Golden Medal for Italian Architecture (2012) and the research carried on with Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland for the development of the historical center of Dublin (2011). From 2008 to 2009 project consultant at the Technical Urbanism Office of Milan’s municipality for the new master plan of the city.


Abstract of the lecture

In a moment of dramatic environmental transformation and permanent economic uncertainty, ‘Agenti Climatici’ proposal for the regeneration of two disused railway yards in the North and South periphery of Milan reverses the perspective of the current economic development and proposes two new ecological devices. One is green – a large linear forest at Scalo Farini able to cool and purify the warm winds coming from the south-west; the other blue – a long linear system in San Cristoforo for water purification. In this new system of values, public space – including water, greenery and bridges – is fixed, and buildings are residual and uncertain.

At Farini, an urban grid of equipped greenery and public spaces defines relations of continuity with the surrounding context and makes itself resilient to the economic development of the city, learning from its development.

San Cristoforo becomes a common ground at the metropolitan scale for the human and non-human communities.


| YCC park, 1 June |

| 21.00 – 22.00 The Beautiful City? – films by FDA Skopje |

A selection of several documentaries by the students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, as a commentary on the life of young people in modern Skopje.

“Green walls, black food” (2015), written/directed: Sandra Georgieva

“Reddakh” (2011), written/directed: Vladimir Mitrevski

“OnBike” (2015), written/directed: Gorjan Atanasov




| big hall Kino Kultura, 31 May |

| 21.00 Dunja Ivanova – Green on the Air for a Green Skopje |


“Green on the Air for a Green Skopje” connects the contemporary music expression with digital media thus conveying a message about the necessity of a social awakening and responsibility towards nature, or towards what has been left of it, in the capital city. “Green on the Air for a Green Skopje” is an audio-visual installation which unites the acoustic rendition of pieces by modern avant-garde, as well as popular authors who accumulate the notion of “green” in their works: Miles Davis-Blue in Green, Vangelis-Memories of Green, Masato Nakamura-Green Hill Zone, Tom Waits-All the World is Green, Alan Silvestri-Stark Goes Green, Piano stories-Requiem of Green, Johny Cash-Green Green Grass of Home, John legend-Green Light Remix, David Bryan-Big Green Freak, Joe Raposo-Bein’ Green, accompanied by video-art with visualizations from Skopje through photos which simultaneously reveal the beautiful and ugly face of the city. A project by “Sloboda Film”.

Dunja Ivanova holds an MA in piano, and a PhD in philosophy. She has had concerts in New York, Paris, Sarajevo, Tirana, Ragusa, Prishtina, at Skopsko Leto, Ohridsko Leto, Days of Macedonian Music, Musica Viva, “Manaki Brothers”, Struga Poetry Evenings, New Cultural Wave, Winter Apricots. She has devoted recitals to Preisner, Glass, Einaudi, Pärt, Sakamoto, Naumann, Riley, Reich, Sapin, Fedele, Bahn, Tiersen.


| big hall Kino Kultura, 31 May |

| 22.00 Robotek – RE:Cycled |

Album release party and live performance

When speaking about an authentic, contemporary Macedonian electronic scene, we are talking about Robotek. He is the man who emerged as the first recognizable artist and producer, not only on the domestic, but also the regional scene. From his Atari beginnings in the mid-90s, all the way to the sophisticated production 20 years later, he has always been original and owned his, virtually legendary brand. With 3 albums and multiple LPs and singles for the record label PMG Recordings, he is one of the leading artists in the electronic scene in our country. Apart from his original music, he is also one of the most popular DJs in the region.

At the Festival, Robotek will launch his album RE:Cycled with a live performance, a special CD and electronic edition for “Skopje Kreativa 2019”.


| YCC upper foyer, Cinema Frosina, 1 June, 23.00 h |

| Afriqua a.k.a. Adam Longman Parker from Berlin, local support Mirko Popov |


Afriqua or Adam Longman Parker right now is one of most appreciated young producers of electronic music. He creates music with a view to the future and an “open ear” to the past. Since his earliest age he’s moved between the seemingly different worlds of classical music and hip-hop, he’s studied piano while simultaneously developing his skills as a music producer and DJ. Born and raised in Virginia, USA, Afriqua was inspired by the production of the local legends The Neptunes, Timbaland and Missy Elliot. He continued studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London, at the same time getting elementary night-life education in the institutions (clubs) such as Fabric and Plastic People. He moved to Berlin several years later, embracing the rich music offer of the city. Some of his editions, for example, “Chronic Cool” are already recognized world classics on the dance-scene.


| YCC upper foyer, Cinema Frosina, 1 June, 23.00 h |

| Afriqua a.k.a. Adam Longman Parker from Berlin, local support Mirko Popov |


Mirko Popov

One of the crucial and most influential music selectors in the country in the past 30 years. His work as a radio (Kanal 103) and club DJ is indispensable within the scope of the contemporary Macedonian (music) culture. He has devoted his entire life and complete professional interest to music: he is a composer, producer, lyricist, DJ, event organizer, publisher and director of the independent record label “PMG Recordings”, with over 170 releases of contemporary Macedonian music.


| Big hall, Kino Kultura, 02 June, 22.00 h |

| Echo of the Distant Past, DJ-set by HyperTech and Nenad Stefanoski – Bruce |


“Echo of the Distant Past” is a club music night dedicated to the music from our more recent and more distant past, and our closer and more distant environment, with the main emphasis on funk, soul, disco, jazz, rare grooves & broken beats. “Echo of the Distant Past” is in the hands of: Nenad Stefanoski (Foolish Green/Green Out), Goce (SAF), HyperTech and Chvare.


Dimitar Rizov or HyperTech had his music beginnings towards the end of the 90s of the previous century. He is the co-founder and member of “Liquid Kitchen” the first drum`n`bass show in the country in Kanal 103, and the „D2”, BTKRSH and Funky Fresh collectives. Apart from his sets in the country, he also has had international gigs in festivals and clubs across Europe.

Nenad Stefanoski – Bruce is a part of Foolish Green, Legijata and Green Out. He started out his career as DJ several years ago, inspired by mod music and the Macedonian pop music from the previous century. He is considered to be a passionate collector and selector of rare music ranging from swing and rock`n`roll, through funk and soul, to disco and rare grooves.



| Kino Kultura, 1 June, 12.00 – 19.00 h |

| Pop-up store for design, books and music editions by domestic authors and publishers |


In order to support and promote domestic authors, “Skopje Kreativa 2019” organizes a pop-up store (temporary store) as a platform for presentation of products in the area of design, book publishing and record labels.

The part on design, covering modern design and fashion accessories, design and product-making and applied arts, was developed through an open call where domestic designers and creatives applied. Participants at pop-up store for design are: Shadija Dervisevikj, Quick Sox, Keramikka, KVembroidery, Regina Sajkov and Edvard Stankovski, Ana Androska, UrbanEra, Pocket Gallery, Andrijana Andreeva, Belkus Aksu, Ljubomir Vasikj, Bojan Markovikj, Stefanija Atanasovski, Angela Chuchkova, Mare Trajkovska, Zoya Naskova, Andrijana Papikj Manceva, Bibi Klekachkoska, Nina Nineska, Elena Kichevska, NOVA International Schools, Pavel Davkov and others.

In collaboration with the “Begemot” Publishing House, within the festival store, we will present editions by the Macedonian publishers: Begemot, Templum, Goten, Ili-ili, Antolog, Slovo, Tabahon, Artkonekt, and PNV Publications. “Begemot” is a publishing house founded in 2009 and primarily devoted to publishing literary fiction. The corpus of published books consists of over 100 editions, correspondingly organized in several series. Apart from their initial focus on publishing prose fiction, “Begemot” also pay significant attention to the non-standard literary genre experiments and generally less frequent literary genres, such as literary reportage and children’s literature.

In cooperation with the Record label “PMG Records”, within the pop-up store, editions of the Macedonian record labels: Charla, PMG Records and Sixtynine Records will be presented at the festival.“PMG Records” is the leading independent record label in Macedonia that has been operating since 1998. From a small “do it yourself” label, over the past 20 years it has grown into a real home of the new Macedonian alternative music scene, in charge of releasing the new editions by Macedonian musicians and bands of the new generation. So far, “PMG Records” has released 170 records along with their record release concerts.




| YCC Cinema Frosina, 1 June 20.00-21.00 h |

“How to Make a Human”, collective authorship


Directed by: Hana Milenkovska

Production: Theater Navigator Cvetko

Dramaturge: Gorjan Miloshevski
Actors: Natalija Teodosieva, Isidor Jovanoski, Chedomir Mitevski, Zoran Mitrovikj

Text: Collective authorship

Choreography: Valentino Apostolovski
Music: Gavrilo Milovanovikj

Our species is at a crossroad. We are processing more stimulation, more feelings than ever before. The new human is exhausted from witnessing terror and injustice, burdened with the pain of the entire world all at once. Anxious and apathetic at the same tie.

We have gathered under a common cause. To say that vulnerability is a virtue, and compassion is a driving force behind the new processes that we need to go through.

We have reached a conclusion that this show is only the beginning of a long process for each of us individually. A process of acceptance. Acceptance of the personal trauma, the protection mechanisms we are creating, our own resignation.

Now what’s left to be done is to see whether our findings are relevant to our audience, our co-humans. Whether anyone will find meaning in compassion.

This play is part of the project “Make Space for Young Theater Professionals”, through which “Theater Navigator Cvetko” and Kino Kultura are aiming to encourage new theater production and affirm young authors.

The play won the Grand Prix at the 12 ITF “Faces without Masks”.




| YCC children’s creative center, 1 June |

| 10.00-12.30 “Young and Green” with “Veternica” Collective |

A two-day workshop under the mentorship of “Vetrnica” Collective for non-verbal stage expression that will pay special attention to the embodiment of the emotions that children feel in everyday life in the city they live in. Do they see waste? Who creates it? Do they have enough space for free play? In this workshop, through practical groupwork, we will become acquainted with the body as an instrument of expression through the use of acting and theater techniques, as well as making costumes and masks from recycled materials. Through exercises for motivation of the personal expression, the basics of stage techniques for using space and movement in a group, as well as the symbolics of the nonverbal expression, we will create a joint work that will speak about the quality of life of children living in contemporary Skopje.

“Veternica” Collective is a grassroot organization that has been actively working for six years in the field of socially engaged theater through regular dance theater classes for children and youth, creative workshops and various civic initiatives. So far, they have set up 17 theater plays “from children for children” and “from people for people” by setting a different concept of an independent theater that was presented with an abstract at the symposium “Sterjino pozorje”, in which we paid particular attention to the difference between “animator” and “educator”.


| YCC children’s creative center, 1 June |

| 13.00-15.30 “We Write, Draw, Travel: We Want a Green Skopje” with Biljana Crvenkovska |

“We Write, Draw, Travel: We Want a Green Skopje” is a creative workshop for children aged 6 to 9, which encourages creativity and imagination among children on a very important topic – a green Skopje! Children will have the opportunity to write stories and songs on this topic, make drawings in several techniques, make collages … Creative writing, drawing, painting, reading and a lot of laughter and joy. Immediately after the workshop, all the pieces will be displayed in the Children’s Creative Center in YCC.

Biljana Crvenkovska is a writer, scriptwriter and translator, holding an MA in Philosophy. Crvenkovska has a long-standing experience as an editor of magazines, internet portals, publishing, university publications, as well as experience in marketing and communications. She is the author of a professional study (“Mythical Labyrinth”), two children’s novels (“What Santa Clause Dreamt of” and “The Super-witch, the Cat and the Six Magic Cookies”), two hybrids between a novel and a graphic novel for children “TKCP: Claw in the Dark” and “TKCP: The Castle of a Thousand Cats “, the graphic novel – “The Girl Who Danced with Spring” and a large number of children’s books (picture books, activity books). Crvenkovska is the author of the scripts for the cartoons and the picture books from the “Bibi’s World” series, and is a scriptwriter for the children’s series “Five Plus Family” and “Zoki Poki” (in production). Crvenkovska is also involved in educating children and young people, holding courses and workshops on creative writing, drawing, drama, creation and imagination.


| YCC children’s creative center, 1 June |

| 11.00-16.00 “The Lost Feather” with Mare Trajkovska, Karolina Nikolova |

The children’s story “The Lost Feather” has been translated into a multifunctional colouring book, through which, in addition to reading the story, children learn facts about specific animals, solve puzzles, ask questions, create 3D forms and other creative things. Characters emerge from the story to be used for a memory game and a jigsaw puzzle. The story continues in “reality”, that is, the children will have the opportunity to enter the magical world of the story “The Lost Feather” by playing in a specially designed space – a capsule, with an interior design containing elements from the story.

Mare Trajkovska, B.A in fashion design from FON University. As of 2015, she has started to build her own brand under the name “Matra” by opening her own studio. She is a costume designer and a set designer of several theater plays in the country. Karolina Nikolova, B.A in fashion design at FON University. She gained her experience during her studies, by participating in fashion shows, fashion editorials and theater plays as assistant costume designer.




| Morning Cinema | big hall Kino Kultura | 02 June, 11.30 – 13.00 h |

| Cinema under the Stars | Kino Kultura Park | 02 June, 20.00 – 21.30 h |

There used to be a time when we often went to “Morning Cinema” instead of school, or, the people took huge pleasure, nearly to the extent of a ritual, in going to open-air screenings, to watch films screened on the facades of the buildings around the squares? Nostalgia? No, a fact…

At the same time, “Vardar Film” used to make documentaries about topics that are now extinct, factories, institutions, events, phenomena, problems … for some generations the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century hold traces of memories of a life that they have stopped living a long time ago, and which seems to be getting forgotten. For those born after, this period in time is completely alien and unknown. “Vardar Film”? Was there ever such a thing? – the typical twenty-year-old would ask nowadays in amazement.

“Kino Kultura” and the new team of “Vardar Film” scoured through the basements and ceilings of the past of this former film giant and under the layers of stale dust they found the hidden treasure chest – neglected, discarded, forgotten…


Let us revive those records and go back in the past for a moment, some of us to remind ourselves, some of us to learn something more. Documentaries, advertisements, travelogue reports, recorded between 1948 and 1986 at “Cinema Morning” and “Cinema Under the Stars”.



| big hall Kino Kultura, 2 June, 14.00 – 18.30 |

| Presentations and workshops on innovation – intersecting creativity with technology, internet-technology and activism |


|14:00 “Can you do without waste?”- Andrijana Papikj-Mancheva | translator addicted to zero waste, who will speak about the “Zero Waste” Book.

Waste containers overflowing with trash and landfills spreading to eternity, piles and piles of litter around us. Can you imagine a world without waste? Or throwing less waste? How about collecting it into a jar instead of a bin? If you can’t, join us for a talk about zero waste!


| 14:20 GET-Bike-Venito komerc DOOEL |

GET-Bike (City Eco Transport) is an alternative city transport system, a system of electric bikes with proactive filters built in their wheels. At the same time, this system offers a unique was of using and renting the bikes. A system like this would significantly cut the traffic pollution.


| 14:50 Fashionably smart – 3D-printed accessories – TABMAKER DOOEL Kichevo |

Tabmaker is a creative space (maker space) that offers access to a fully-equipped workshop for the production of wood, metal or composite materials. The machinery and hand tools can be used with the full support of our skilled technicians, and you can create some piece of furniture or print a fashion accessory with the 3D printers. Also, this public space can be used for you to develop your startup with support from the industry, as well as from the community of craftspeople.


| 15:15 – O2 initiative and Netcetera | is a platform through which several parameters are monitored: the air pollution with PM10, PM2,5, noise, temperature, humidity and pressure. It is a product of the experience and enthusiasm of a team engineers from NetCetera. Its expansion depends directly on the involvement of citizens or organizations, and that is why each city has its own leader responsible for the growth, maintenance and quality of the network. O2 is an initiative that fights for a healthy environment and runs The common goal is to provide the highest possible quality platform for monitoring different pollutants.


| 15:45 The Data I Breathe/MyAir – Gorjan Jovanovski |

Gorjan is from Skopje, and lives in Amsterdam. He graduated from FINKI, and earned a master’s degree cum-laude from the University of Amsterdam in 2016 and ever since he has worked at as a software engineer and team leader. As part of the 3,000 eco-activists throughout Macedonia, since 2014 he has been looking for a way to help with the problem of the enormous air pollution. Combining the passion for technology and the green environment, in 2014, he created MyAir, an application that displays the degree of pollution across the country. With over 100,000 downloads, MyAir quickly raised the public awareness about the pollution, and Gorjan with his love for public speaking continues spreading the story beyond our country’s borders through various speeches, for example his TED speech named “The Data I Breathe “.


| 16:00 “Health before Profit for Centar” |

is a non-governmental organization that has been active on the territory of the Municipality of Centar for three years. It emerged from the informal association of citizens of Debar Maalo in the fight for the protection of public spaces and the public interest, a healthy environment and humane housing. With its everyday activities, it influences the policies of the local self-government, insisting on transparency, participation, good governance and insisting on the implementation of all legally prescribed rights and rules for a quality and safe life in an urban environment.


| 16:25 Project A WEEK OF SHOP WINDOWS |

aims to open a dialogue between fashion designers and architects and explain the need for beautiful shop windows, thus raising the city’s visual culture to a higher level. One of the main goals of the project is to inspire creativity, stimulate employment in the creative sector, point out the necessity of arranging the windows, stimulate new practices and skills among young people so that they can win local and international markets.


| 17:00 Presentation of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development |
The mission of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development is to encourage and support innovation activities in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises for the purpose of achieving accelerated technological development based on knowledge transfer, research for development and innovation that contribute to the opening of new jobs and economic growth and development, all the while also improving the business environment for development of the competitiveness of companies. The priorities and objectives of the fund are: improved access to financial support for innovation and technological development and promotion and encouragement of the innovation activity in North Macedonia.


| 17:15-18.30 М3DS Academy for 3D and Game Design |

Workshop for 3D modeling and 3D printing for raising the level of education among young people, as well as enhancing their knowledge in the field of IT technologies. The purpose of the workshop is to awaken the curiosity of the young people about 3D modeling, animation and their role in creating movies and video games, which are growing IT professions. The participants in the workshops will learn how to make a real 3D model from idea to product, what is the necessary process to finalize it, as well as its creation through a modern 3D printer with appropriate materials. We will also explain how this type of 3D models find their place in real projects, games and films, and how 3D technology is increasingly involved in other industries.



Festival Team

Violeta Kachakova – Festival Director and Program Editor

Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski – Festival Program Editor

Jana Acevska – Design Program Editor

Dejan Ivanovski, Maksim Naumovski and Igor Vecovski – Architecture Program Editors

Mirko Popov – Music Program Editor

Pavle Ignovski – Film Program Editor

Elena Risteska and Evdokia Nikolova-Liere – Festival Program Coordinators

Angela Petrovska – Festival Program Assistant-Coordinator

Denica Bojarovska – PR and Marketing Manager

Gjurgica Hristovska – Administrator


Jana Acevska – graphic design of promotional materials

Ivana Kuzmanoska – language editor (Macedonian)

Ana Vasileva – translation into English



Festival organizer: Citizens’ Association Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Art and Culture, Skopje.


Festival partners and associate: KINO KULTURA, project space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture, Youth Cultural Center (MKC), Theater Navigator Cvetko, PMG Recordings, Veternica Collective, Axioma – Association for Cultural Cooperation and Exploration, Begemot Publishing House, Makedox, Vardar Film, Faculty of Architecture – Skopje, Faculty of Forestry  — Skopje, PE Parkovi i zelenilo, Municipality of Centar, National Student Center “Skopje” and Fund for Innovations and Technological Development.


Media sponsors:, Kanal 103


Festival Locations

KINO KULTURA, 3 Luj Paster St., 1000 Skopje

Youth Cultural Center/Mladinski Kulturen Centar, 15 Dimitar Vlahov Quay, 1000, Skopje

The Festival is realized with the support of the CITY OF SKOPJE